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  1. It started after my post about the Print on Demand sites. The dodgy post of my work on the Malaysian website owned by a Singaporean company has now disappeared, I guess that good!
  2. Oh and I forgot to mention this print on demand site "Printcious.com"...They are using my name and artwork and trying to sell it! What is that? Identity theft! I did not put it there! And what can I do about it - they are in Malaysia. End of rant.
  3. Thanks for your feedback k_t_graphics it is very much appreciated. They both don't stock "night shirts" or "dorm shirts". My redbubble store has been around for many years, the society6 just a matter of weeks. I can appreciate that sales may take some time. However I certainly would not be holding my breathe for sales if the are using your name and keywords to point other artists that they just pluck out of thin air. They are however very focused on trying to sell you your own work. I am also on Artpal, I have been there for a while and I have not noticed this practice. There too many sites th
  4. Just wondering if anybody has been on Redbubble and/or Society6 and has any feed back they would like to share. I have recently been on both trying to sell my artwork. I have not made any sales on either of them and I don't have any confidence that I ever will. I am no IT expert but my reason for coming to this conclusion is that when I do a search for "rose makin society6" or "rose makin redbubble" the results point to artworks other than mine. I noted that the these are works did not have an artists real name in most cases. This seems very unfair and dodgy to me so I have now quit them both.
  5. Can you use them as reference for and illustration of a face?
  6. I have not been trying to sell photos but more arty type stuff, this has been my experience to date... Saachi Art - no sales - quit Esty - Had sales for products but not artwork - the printing packing and shipping would be to much hassle for the return Fineart America - no sales - quit Artpal - no sales - still there Redbubble - no sale - still there I hope you have better luck 🙂
  7. Yeah - I think you are right there too - I don't too many buyers would be looking under my name. But they might be looking for a picture of 'museum train station' - and bang there it is - my image directing you to FAA. 🙂
  8. I think you are right HodagMedia. And it has only been a matter of weeks since I flicked FAA. However I had an account in my maiden name with SaatchArt and I flicked them about 3 years ago and my images are still appearing in google searches with the SaatchArt name on it. I think these images appearing with the name of their websites are no accident and in fact the frequency seems to increase after you leave the questionable site. At the moment I am exploring the google "Report content for legal reasons" as an option to get rid of them - its just exhausting! Have a nice day by the way 🙂
  9. Thanks for the info, however, I have questioned this behaviour with google, they seemed to give a different response. They are inaccurate and misleading, it is not in googles best interest for people to not get what they searching for. And there is no way they can find my work or what is pictured on fineartamericas site.
  10. I would give Fine Art America a very low rating. I jumped right in paid the $30. This allows you to put more than 25 images for sale on the site. It also gives a website of your very own with all of your images pre-loaded, this seems like a pretty good deal at first. Each image is then turned into about 10 different custom retail products as well, from prints, coffee mugs to face masks. After about 10 months I uploaded and key worded about 130 images to make about 1300 different products for sale on both the site and on my personal website rose-makin.pixels.com, this was a lot of wo
  11. lol, yes, I am sure they have their maths right
  12. I find they are inconsistent with a lot of determinations
  13. same here I had two recently rejected for non licensable content
  14. LOL, No not at all - and I agree. There are many ways to skin a cat, especially with all the software out there. No one can possibly be proficient at everything. 🙂
  15. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing myself, after I googled how to clean a camera sensor. I'll pay for it, do you know how often it should be done? I will test some images shooting RAW and see if that improves the acceptance rate at 100% size. If it just means I have to recolour the image I will probably give it a miss I can do that even as a jpeg. I come from a background of working to tight deadlines and not many people in a real job had endless time and money to achieve perceived perfection. They just do the best they can with the constraints and budgets they have. Its nice to th
  16. I have no aversion to learning or constructive criticism And to be quite honest this forum has also been quite hateful to new comers in the past and I have also noticed some "white anting" of individuals. This is why I don't ask any questions here. The images are mostly accepted else were at 100% I am shooting jpgs. I can try cleaning the sensor a you have advised, however I can do nothing about the two lenses I have at this point in time I will not be buying new ones I have been using photoshop for any post processing if I feel it is required Have a nice day! 🙂
  17. For me it means that my not even 3 year old new camera equipment is obsolete. Pretty much every thing that comes out of at 100% gets rejected for the above reason. So I pretty much have to scale down everything for shutterstock now. I can only conclude that it is a camera equipment arms race.
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