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  1. lol, yes, I am sure they have their maths right
  2. I find they are inconsistent with a lot of determinations
  3. same here I had two recently rejected for non licensable content
  4. Jerusalem sage, I would say too
  5. Thanks for the advice, much appreciated 🙂
  6. LOL, No not at all - and I agree. There are many ways to skin a cat, especially with all the software out there. No one can possibly be proficient at everything. 🙂
  7. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing myself, after I googled how to clean a camera sensor. I'll pay for it, do you know how often it should be done? I will test some images shooting RAW and see if that improves the acceptance rate at 100% size. If it just means I have to recolour the image I will probably give it a miss I can do that even as a jpeg. I come from a background of working to tight deadlines and not many people in a real job had endless time and money to achieve perceived perfection. They just do the best they can with the constraints and budgets they have. Its nice to that have you survived the harshness of this forum - even excelling as a forum member! I personally don't need it, I did not get from my creative superiors in the work place and nor do I need it here. Also people on this forum are not adverse to giving bad advice and bum steers. Thanks for taking the time, cheers
  8. I have no aversion to learning or constructive criticism And to be quite honest this forum has also been quite hateful to new comers in the past and I have also noticed some "white anting" of individuals. This is why I don't ask any questions here. The images are mostly accepted else were at 100% I am shooting jpgs. I can try cleaning the sensor a you have advised, however I can do nothing about the two lenses I have at this point in time I will not be buying new ones I have been using photoshop for any post processing if I feel it is required Have a nice day! 🙂
  9. For me it means that my not even 3 year old new camera equipment is obsolete. Pretty much every thing that comes out of at 100% gets rejected for the above reason. So I pretty much have to scale down everything for shutterstock now. I can only conclude that it is a camera equipment arms race.
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