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  1. è vero! ho controllato.. Dimensione 2480 x 1748 Formato jpg Data caricamento 19 giugno 2017
  2. they also take vectors into consideration, I have 1400 and tell me that only 1 is eligible
  3. the reason why many contributors with small portfolio will eventually give up and start uploading again, I think this is: it was too funny in the morning as soon as we got up to watch what had been sold at night. this certainly was not for the money earned, which 0.33 was not even a serious profit. it was just the satisfaction of seeing someone appreciate your work. We have always uploaded to other agencies as well, but how many mornings did we find a sale on these? few !! it is not fun to think that we will have to settle for one sale per week.
  4. yes, I think I will follow this advice, in the meantime I thank everyone for the nice words of encouragement.
  5. Luisa Puccini, con la qualità di foto che fai (veramente top vedo , anche se non sono fotografo) , non mi meraviglio che vendi bene su quelle agenzie , invece io i vettoriali li vendo solo su adobe, mentre sulle altre agenzie ho smesso di caricare non avendo mai combinato niente. Come connazionale , argomento importante al momento, ti auguro di schivare tutti i pericoli virus, che siamo stanchi tutti!
  6. Blue Corner Studio , I thank you very much for the suggestion, I want to try it, since it doesn't cost and I have the time. it is better that I stay at home, everyone says that seventy-year-olds must be more careful about covid. The situation is improving, but my children don't even want me to go shopping. So I'm on the computer all day
  7. I have been enrolled for years in fine art, I have uploaded the number available for free, but I have never sold one. and I'm not willing to pay to upload other files, as they claim. in truth I have not yet decided definitively what to do with SS, for this I asked the opinion of the photographers, who have a lot of expenses, while the designers spend only time. I tried to be in solidarity with them, since we are on the same boat (same drop in revenue, same demotivation to make new files)
  8. avevo già chiesto in un altro tread , ma non mi avete risposto , capisco che i vettoriali vi importano poco. per ora aspetto , mi fumo una sigaretta , come questo ragazzo , poi i primi di luglio credo che ricomincerò a caricare , perchè non vedo la soluzione. google translator: I had already asked in another tread, but you didn't answer me, I understand that vector matters little to you. for now I wait, I smoke a cigarette, like this guy, then in early July I think I'll start to load again, because I don't see the solution
  9. ho 70 anni , poco da fare , quindi continuo con i disegni che credo servano a tenermi la mente sveglia. non ho ancora disattivato il mio account mancadomi il coraggio , ma non ho più mandato nuovi disegni anche per rispetto di tutti voi , che state lottando per il meglio. li mando alle altre agenzia anche se una sola li vende, le altre sono tutte ferme , almeno per i vettoriali , per le foto non so... non credo che SS soffrirà per la mia pausa di upload , vi chiedo di mandarmi un incoraggiamento a proseguire con questa tattica , perchè non so quanto resisterò alla tentazione di upload.
  10. non c'è niente da fare, la delusione e la rabbia sono crescenti , ma abbandonare shutterstock significa tagliare il ramo su cui siamo seduti. guardiamo la realtà , questa è l'agenzia che ci dà più vendite , poi dietro c' è A.S. , tutte le altre sono nulla. dimentichiamoci di fare dei guadagni , questo non è un più come un lavoro , è solo un hobby per il tempo libero. questi primi 3 giorni shutterstock mi ha dato 9,62 dollari A.S. " 2,71 euro non mi sento di tagliare il ramo , non sto caricando altro perchè il
  11. I'm not uploading new images to shutterstock, but I know that sooner or later I won't be able to resist. the other agencies are all worse. here I sell at least 3 images a day. weekly 2,10 (0,10x3x7 = 2,10). on AS, on the other hand, even if it pays 0.33 per image, I sell one or two a week, that is, I earn 0.66 weekly. on other agencies one or two images per year. luckily it's just a hobby, but the fun of turning on the pc in the morning and seeing what was sold I don't know if I'm ready to lose it. I look like this cat who sees a meatball (it's my cat photographed with a cell phone)
  12. I live in Parma, 100 km away from Milan, I will not go there unless strictly necessary, not for the fear of contagion, (just a few disinfectant wipes, amuchina, citrosil ...), but for the inevitable logistical difficulties that will be encountered, after the restrictions the government had to implement.
  13. I will never compete with you, of course I do not know how to photograph, by visiting the forum, sometimes I feel like trying. today I saw outside the window that the medlars are maturing. and I will not be able to eat one, like the other years, because I do not have a high enough scale, then it is not worth breaking my head for a medlar!
  14. yes, we do not charge anything today, let's try tomorrow! He tells me that he does not see the jpg file with the same name of the eps, instead there is
  15. well, now I know, are messages that we can ignore, or keep in mind that perhaps similar images are welcome. in fact, under the message of the ap it was written: add other similar. thanks for the answers!
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