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  1. Something bad is happening here. My sales have been 50% lower last few months and this is going to make things even worse. Why have you done it shutterstock? It was such a great photobank for so many years and now you are falling, why have you not left things like they were with 28$ for EL? Why there are hundreds of the same horrible, boring, ugly and similar images that are putting everybody off from even searching and browsing? Why so many times my good images were rejected while somebody else got accepted about 100 almost exactly the same photos of marijuana? I was shocked to discover it and now I see even more horrible images like this that one can hardly believe they are allowed to be here. Who is doing the acceptance, who is responsible for this mess and all the illogical changes? Is this done on purpose to destroy shutterstock and all our work? Why nobody discusses with contributors, nobody answers our questions, nobody cares? Shutterstock used to be my bestselling website but no more. Nobody else makes such a mess, all other websites are still doing well and all things are the same. Maybe you should make clean up and delete all those horrible photos that nobody wants instead of lowering prices. With all respect this is not going in good direction and we are all going to loose. And yes, we suggest opt in and opt out as we do not want to sell our hard work for nothing.
  2. Hello Kate, I have been wondering what was happening with my sales last months as they went drastically down like never before since I have been with shutterstock, which is about 8 years now, and I have been searching this forum to find out if other contributors have the same problem, it looks like they do. I don't know what exactly this change means which shutterstock introduced as I am a photographer not a computer expert but what I know is that I lost half of my sales during last few months, this month is horribly poor as well. Normally my sales were more or less even, sometimes higher but what is happening now is dramatic lost of income and shutterstock has been my numer one for years. I see other people complaining as well, so maybe you could do something about it and reverse that change? I uploaded beautiful Spring images this week and not even one was downloaded, they are like non existent and it cost me lots of work, which is totally discouraging cause what's the point to work and upload even new images if they do not sell at all? Never ever things like this were happening to me on shutterstock. I thought before, maybe it was just a bad month but I see now it is not going to get better as this is my third month in a raw that I am getting 50% fewer downloads. Please respond to my message as this is very important. Best regards, Julietphotography
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