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  1. FrontlitPhotography

    THIEVES THREAD UPDATE - WEEK ENDING FEB 17 (448 so far flagged)

    Respect, Alexander. Many thanks for what you have done to highlight the issue. Alarming that SS seem to crowdsource part of their due diligence responsibilities.
  2. FrontlitPhotography

    Proof that some reviewers are simply not doing their job

    If you look at SS financial reporting, they have been on a cost-cutting drive. So I suspect the cost of the reviewing process has been in the mix. Less reliance on actual people, hence erratic/poor reviewing until the AI gets better.
  3. Without prejudging this particular case, it underlines the need for the photographer to know the laws of the territory where they take photos.
  4. FrontlitPhotography


    Lol. I decompress by dreaming about what you’ve just described! One day .....
  5. FrontlitPhotography

    Lack of Contributing to SS

    With all the metalwork, and the gap from photography, there must be a joke in there about not going rusty.... Anyway, have a speedy recovery. Love your images.
  6. FrontlitPhotography

    Suggestion for new category

  7. FrontlitPhotography

    To Submit folder images all gone

    There's an existing thread on this in the Technical section. SS are looking into it.
  8. FrontlitPhotography


    This is approaching industrial scale fraud although, perhaps, in the context of overall numbers it is still in the category of irritant. At what point, though, will reputation risk motivate SS to deal with it effectively?
  9. FrontlitPhotography

    How much to clone out?

    Interesting. Thanks.
  10. FrontlitPhotography

    Give me your experience ( buy new camera )

    Clearly you don’t understand humour. Isn’t it about time you moved on from your pathetic little vendetta?
  11. FrontlitPhotography

    How much to clone out?

    But the two images you show are editorial, so no property/model release required. You seem to be mixing two modes, if the image is submitted as editorial there is no problem. You want to submit as commercial which introduces the need for releases. The buildings are identifiable, probably privately-owned, and are a main feature of the image. All the SS rules seem clear that a release is required in those circumstances.
  12. FrontlitPhotography

    Odd Rejection reasons (1) Sensitive Information

    It’s editorial, you can’t remove the number. Try including a reference to the number in the title/description. ‘Road sign depicting the 1777 emergency phone number......’.
  13. FrontlitPhotography

    Similar content

    I'd drink the contents of the jug and resubmit.... 😎
  14. FrontlitPhotography

    Rejection reason translation

    Deadfully pedantic sometimes, this review process. Perhaps include in the title: German 'Unseren Toten', meaning 'For Our Dead' inscribed on the cross. Can't exclude the random rejection factor though.
  15. FrontlitPhotography


    I think perhaps people are being 'hostile' towards SS QC, not the OP.