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  1. I ended up with exactly the same number of downloads in June as in May... 36 Results below: Earnings (Video) May $385.55 June $126.20 That's a 67% drop in earnings for the same number of downloads! The cut in my commission by 5% was certainly a factor, but the real kick in the stomach has been the dramatic increase of the ridiculously low sale prices, like the $0.43 ones, of which I had many, I just hope the amount of these lowball prices is just a random blip, some promotion SS is running? Who knows what they do. I just hope things get back on track as $0.43 for a video regardless of the use is quite frankly a joke.
  2. On one day this month I received 6 video sales, for that SS gave me the grand sum of $2.99 Last month I had 36 downloads. This month the total is currently sitting on 35.....below is a picture of the bitter truth. These are seriously bleak times we're living in.
  3. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfEdiH4dmuGjs7lx05EamNha69hyV6wxHSAmRMZ4GqJFh99Dw/viewform
  4. How to incentivize your contributors.... "By resetting the royalty levels each year" 🤣 AS rewards you for mearly uploading there, giving you their software completely free for a year.. That's incentive.
  5. This is utter madness, we already received a meagre share of the pie, now it's just a desperate scramble for crumbs? I can't justify uploading any new content, I value my dignity too much.
  6. https://www.shutterstock.com/explore/the-shot-list?customer_ID=2699470&campaign_ID=shutters.21775345&launch_ID=19240565&utm_source=sstkemail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=CORE-CONTRIBUTOR-NEWSLETTER-SHOTLIST-ALL
  7. Mostly $1.50 & $0.60 Video sales these days.... very sad I posted in the "$0.60 Footage sales??" thread earlier about my concerns with the new low ball bargain basement licence sales cannibalising regular sales. Appears that thread has now been deleted?? Basic jist of the post was that SS imo went in far to low. All the new online media and distribution opputunities should have been an exciting and potentially lucrutive new revenue stream for us but instead SS cut content producers off at the ankles by effectively racing to be the cheapest option when offering content to these potential new clients. Just my 60 cents!
  8. I would amend their quote to: "I’d advise any photographer trying to make us more money from stock to shoot something no one has shot before, shoot it differently or shoot it better."
  9. I'll keep my video port up here for now, however all my new content is only available on P5 and AS/FT I was going to remove it completely but last month had some decent "fair" priced sales so held off the trigger. If sales here do tank though and the proliferation of budget price sales overtakes the fair and reasonable i'll be forced too. Content that's available elsewhere at higher prices will inevitably suffer. People will and do shop around, who can blame them?
  10. This silence is deafening. While we wait Just imagine the amount of clips that have been freely downloaded for our measly $1.50 commission.
  11. Just got $4.50 for a "clip pack" i give up!!!!
  12. No worries. At least i'll make payout this month now!
  13. Your welcome. Oh yeh! my apologies You can download in the same way before you purchase but it has the SS watermark over it.
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