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  1. If true, then it is a great pity. Being an Indian I know how bad outsourcing in India is. Absolutely third rate.
  2. Earlier my images used to get reviewed within 10-15 minutes of submission (amazing but true). Now they take upto 5-7 DAYS. What goes SS? Have you laid down your staff? I can understand if it is due to low sales/turnover due to pandemic and all good photographers stopping submitting their good stuff at SS due to your paying a 'huge' price of 10 cents per download.
  3. It is not Shutterstock's fault. If they are paying us ten cents per download, I am sure their staff also must be getting peanuts and all good guys must have quit. So, in short, the new inexperienced reviewers do not know what bokeh means or why pros use selective focus. According to them all this comes under 'main subject not in focus'. So there goes your creative image. Coming to 10 cents per download which SS pays, I come from India which IS a poor country. But even here our beggars will not accept 10 cents in alms. They will throw it back on my face. Are we lower than beggars?
  4. In India which is a poor country (period, there are no two opinions about this) if I offer 10 cents to a beggar (in local currency of course) he will throw it back on my face. And we professional photographers are expected to line up outside SS doors to sell our images at 10 cents per download? Shame on us. Hurt at getting such a low price for their quality images, many pros have stopped submitting their good work to SS. As a result, what I find in portfolios of many subscribers now are absolutely third rate amateurish images (even my school going grandson shoots better images) but SS is stil
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