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  1. You will have the same 10 cent sales on Level 5 and Level 6. I'm at level 5.
  2. Adobe pricing - today sales What a startk contrast....
  3. New revelation. Finally, we will be able to afford a new yacht. My old one that I purchased with previous shuterstock earnings is a bit rusty.
  4. John Orringer finally decided to weigh in https://forums.submit.shutterstock.com/topic/100543-reply-from-shutterstock-jon-orringer-on-twitter/
  5. Trtuly amazing. You can read it in full here:https://twitter.com/jonoringer/status/1275038378828992512?s=20&fbclid=IwAR11mYboP9KDKLsoT8oFuJyhwHORzbyyREq3f9Dsr_O0b_xlIXNh-EVrGEk
  6. I don't mean this question in a bad way, I'm genuinely curious what is the source of this information and how do you know if it is true that Google image search generates majority of stock image searches. I'm thinking about creating the website for myself and it can be very helpful .
  7. Exactly, not to mention that a year ago there was a map published where the most content was stolen instead of being bought. First place USA, then China. I'll post the link if I find it.
  8. Agree, not sure who would buy it. This is a fresh content submitted for the keyword 'new york, one of the most popular tourist destinations. I would think other keywords are not much better.
  9. Can you expand on why/how this might work? (I remember Yuri Acuris tried and it didn't work for him. At the time he was the king of microstock earnings with realy big quality collection)
  10. I hear you, valid point and I'm not happy with wording. There is another way to look at it, and this is what i meant by context. It can be just growing pains, emotions are running high, they are extremely busy and didn't think the wording through. I think you are taking it a bit over the edge with far reaching conclusions. Time will tell but at this point I'd rather let it slide. It's a personal choice and I respect yours.
  11. Its just a paragraph out of a pretty long explanation. It should be read in context. But then again, if you feel srtongly against it, sure, no problem at all. Regardless of anything, its great you stand up against the payment schedule, it takes a lot fo courage to disable your port!
  12. Hm... I didn't mean to question yuur abilities. My aplogoes af it came out like this.
  13. BTW, this guy offers a buyers tip to a lot of people... unprompted. Considering his trolling habbits I would be a little bit suspicious, but it is your call of course. There we other trolls on this forum offering paid consultation ot courses over private PM messaging as well, unfortunately, it happens.
  14. Thomas will reply again with the answer that black is actually white based on his 'mathematical models'.
  15. Yeah, they keep using this 'scientific' approach for scientifically unproven data. Another great argument was that 3% of votes is enough to predict an election resutl (we've seen how this played out for Hilary), and the next weird assumtion based on the previous erroneous statement is - so 3% of days in the month with the new system is enoigh to make correct predictions for future earnings. I'm not even sure what to tell them - go back to school, learn mathematics, or just stop trolling. Since none of the previous options would work, the only one that I see working - is keeping my sanity and placing them on the ignore list.
  16. It would be really funny to see if SS in the end of the day decides to readjust the payment schedule, in this case it will only be fair for poeple likle Thomas, Jose, Dutchman and stockphotofan to reject the offer and stay with current payment system, since they defend it so vehemently. If 10 cents work from them, let them have it forever.
  17. Thomas Andreas is a known troll supporter as well. The best way to stop trolls is to deprive them of conversations. You can hover over his icon and choose 'Ignore User'. Other users known to be trolling this thread - stockphotgan, jose hernandez and dutchman - in case you want to save yourself from having toxic conversations.
  18. Jose is a regular troll. The best way to stop troll is to deprive them of conversations. You can hover over his forum icon and choose Igonre User and you wontt see his answers/threads again. A lot fo users did this already.
  19. Adam, Jose Hernandez us a known troll. A lot of users have placed them on the ignore list. The best way to deal with trolls is to deprive them of conversations. You can hover over is forum icon and choose 'Ignore User'
  20. Kudos, it takes a lot of courage to fo this.
  21. Adam, stockphotofan1 is a known troll. You can place him on the ignored lit as lots of other forum users did. You can hover over his forum icon and choose 'Ignore user'. The best way to stop trolls is to deprive them of conversations.
  22. Thomas is not exactly a troll but rather 'troll by association'. He quotes existing trolls and supports them. I placed him on the ignored list as well.
  23. stockphotofan1 is a known troll, a lot of people placed him on the ignored list and you can too, just hover over his forum icon and choose 'Ignore User'. You won't see his messages again The best thing to stop a troll is to deprive him of conversations.
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