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  1. yes, it is a frustration. Life as a Pee-on to the Corporation has its lows and then you hit some real lows. I wish you good luck Sergsta
  2. I have waited as long as a week and as short as an hour. I find it to be a bit of a crap shoot. I think that on Dreamstime they have a fast track button for current news, perhaps SHutterstock could consider this as an option with a penalty for abuse, what do you think?
  3. I do not believe that anyone has said that you are a spammer! (if that is important to you) I really do not care if you do or you do not 'tweak' images to get copy variation on your portfolio. Shutterstock accepts, rejects, promotes, demotes as it likes, we have no control over that. I am under no allusion that the playing field is level and the rules came down from the mountain on tablets of stone. What happens today is not what happens tomorrow. What is rejected today will be accepted another day. It just struck me that you did not reply to the poster in the affirmative but said that you were 'guessing yes' when in your experience is that you can. I not sure what the advantage or disadvantages are of not being candid to the poster in the first instance. Anyways, I am just a very small fish and I hope that I get enough quarters (I think 16p your money) that Shutterstock can cut me a check in 150 years from now
  4. You have a number of images that are duplicated with different processing in your portfolio.
  5. Yes, plant names and remote location names are an issue, I have had rejections for both.
  6. Not really, my rejections have been cited as bad title or description. I am terrible at remembering to look at the description when it uploads as it sometimes cuts the end off in SS creating a bad sentence. This has happened whereby the batch got rejected. It is a drag that it all has to be uploaded etc. once again because you cannot just fix a word. This has nothing to do with the technical quality of the image, subject matter etc. it is just an admin issue. However, it was more a question of how large or small batches effect sales rather then how it effects rejections. Do you think that it makes a difference to sales?
  7. Sounds like a mixture of experience without a definitive answer. Logic would point at avoiding the large batch on the off chance of the bulk rejection.
  8. A strange question that I am sure that many have pondered over. Is it better to upload on an 'ad hoc' basis when you have finished processing or do you think that uploading in blocks of images is better? I do not know what impacts your visibility or exposure however, it does seem from peoples experiences that everything has some impact. Does anyone have a particular routine or strategy that they like? Let me know what you think.
  9. I have found that Editorial rejections to be bad in general. I get rejects for 'vague' and 'non English' issues. I think that it has to do with specifics of location names. I do not know of how to get around it. Normally I just waste a bunch of time re-posting the same content to get a different result. Plant names, flowers, place names, scientific terms are all tripping points. Bit of a shame as it takes a lot of time and effort to prepare submissions and when they are rejected for non-technical issues it just seems like a bunch of time went down the pan. Instead of flushing a submission just because 'they' believe that the description is vague, or not in English maybe there should be an opportunity to edit. Who is checking the checkers?
  10. Wow, it is pretty unbelievable that this account is still open. I randomly picked a few images and they are easily traceable to the original owner. I am sure that if I can do it, then the experts at SS can figure it out. I thought that there was an indemnity clause in the terms and conditions that outlines damages for breach of terms. Maybe SS will come clean once all the images have been correctly identified to the original owners. Clearly many of the owners of the images are unaware which is really sad. I think that this is a big issue that damages the business. It is time for 'those we trust' to show how serious they are about artist protection. 557834575 is image 130283228 cropped and mirrored (Signature Message) 556869541 is image 144478324 mirrored (Adam Van Spronsen) 556839958 is image 410626384 cropped and mirrored (Vladimir Wrangel) 556117057 is image 344983745 cropped and mirrored (Martin Mecnarowski)
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