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  1. same here: several downloads today with 0.24 instead of 0.36 šŸ˜± all these sales do not show the location...
  2. Would be amazing to have the mini-icons back on the map - instead taking extra space on the side (or below on the phone).
  3. Thx. Read the other comments and tried out Google Chrome and it works. On Safari does not work.
  4. The dots "..." on the right side of the keywords, where the copy function for the keywords were, are not reacting anymore. Anyone else not having the copy keywords function?
  5. Noticable delays currently. A video pending for approval since 11.09. ?
  6. Do you ever search keywords in Catalog manager and/or Active for accepted images to see if all your pictures show up after the key topic/tags? I had an issue of missing large nr of seasonal pics last year and sometimes i have a look. Currently experiencing again missing pics. My early august approved pictures although they show up as visual images in catalog manager & active images (a certain topic with ca. 20 pics), if i search after their tag/ title only 6 pics are showing up, out of that only 2 from the recent batch, rest are old ones. All the other pics seems not to be found if i search after them also in the catalog manager, portfolio or in the external search. Anyone with similar topic?
  7. yes, for several days already and seems there is no solution.. current upload is horrible, yesterday it worked uploading 1 by 1. today no chance...
  8. uploading files is a disaster for several days already. if i upload 10 pic, takes only 4-6, than i can search for the missing ones, i identify & rename & upload them, and than of course it takes only 2.. currently the upload is a never ending loop. and more files i want to upload, more work it is to search for the missing ones... :(
  9. approved files from 12 & 13 December also missing from my active images. interestingly i do find them in "catalog manager", but not in the shutterstock galery search and not in the "active images". but total nr of the active images shows the same nr as the approved images, so they should be there, but they are not... Would be great to get some feedback what happened and where these ca 20-25 images are gone. Thanks
  10. https://www.shutterstock.com/de/image-photo/frozen-rose-70047913
  11. also not getting emails for rejected photos at all. Any news on a solution?
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