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  1. If one of the stolen videos are yours, you can via Youtube Studio verify if the system identify the match. If positive, you can: send a message asking to remove, send a removal request to the channel asking to remove with a deadline without penalties for him or strike right away and take down the video in question, penalizing the channel for copyright strike.
  2. Sculptures apparently are non licensable. The statue is the problem. Once i uploaded a bust and got rejected for the same reason.
  3. All stores already have translation in English right below.
  4. Got a batch of 31 photos reviewed yesterday. Some of them i uploaded on the same day as you. Just send them to review and wait.
  5. Just don't go to a drug dealing driving the black Ferrari.
  6. Same here. I have images awaiting to be reviewed since.... Sunday. I think my lastest images reviewed are from last Thursday.
  7. Not a good idea. I prefer a better search options tools.
  8. I noticed recently that even when i fill the location field on new uploads, after approved the information is gone. Even the recent past approvals, this info is not showing in the location field anymore. @Jeff De
  9. They already done it. The option is at the side of page buttons.
  10. "Location" field is available for me today. Is available also for already submitted contend, but i can not edit. Can we insert location on this images as well?
  11. This logo maybe is a trademarked one. See the Federal Reserve website for more information about it.
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