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  1. Thanks everyone for the compliments and your comments were very helpful. I appreciate all the advice and tips I can get at this point
  2. Love this, Snails are just awesome fun all around <3. I like the shadow you added to the shell.
  3. Thanks . I was rejected because of the eps 9 or 10 thing. So I corrected it and was accepted on a Christmas image, I haven't submitted this one yet. Now I'm waiting for my ID to be checked . I never grouped anything though, that's something I thought about but hesitated. I guess my biggest concern is that if someone buys your image but they don't really know anything about the software at all. I sort of want it to work for everyone . Both yourself and Darla suggested submitting a raster JPG first, does this mean I can add the EPS to the submission after easily, or do I need to go through
  4. Thank you so much Darla! An extremely helpful comment, I use a lot of transparencies in my work so I'll have to fix some things up, but it's really useful to know. I appreciate the input
  5. So I haven't submitted anything for review on shutterstock yet, I've never made any stock artwork before. Having my work rejected is something I'm trying to avoid at this point so I'm hoping that you guys can help me out with a few questions! When it comes to characters like this, I have a few of them I would like to post up. I understand that they probably will not be huge sellers but I would still like to post. Is it best to submit something like this with no background at all? Does it make it easier for the buyer to work with and appeal to them more? When saving this as an eps file,
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