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  1. Obviously I want Most Recent back, I do rack my brain as to what possible reasoning underpinned its removal, I guess SS will never bother to enlighten us as to its thought process on this subject. If collections are a useful sales tool then why not make them really customisable with "Newest First" and "Image Sorting Order" ?
  2. For those who are experiencing seemingly unnecessary or incorrect Editorial Caption Rejections ( such as, in my case, an exact same wordology being accepted one day and not the next) the problem is more likely to be a " Metadata Handelling Procedure " than an inconsistent Review operator. According to a recent reply from BS support adding metadata in bulk can cause technical problems. See the following reply that I received Yesterday: "We apologize that you are experiencing issues when submitting your Editorial content and understand your frustration in having images rejected. The issue is most likely caused by selecting multiple images when adding metadata, categories, and/or the Editorial Designations, during the submit process. * Our Tech team is aware of this issue and is working on resolving the issue. Here are some suggestions that may help you during the submitting process: 1. Edit/modify each image individually in the Edit and Submit content editor. 2. Make sure you are selecting both the Editorial check box AND the Editorial category. 3. Submit smaller batches of images at a time, often larger batches can get ‘stuck’ and technical issues are more likely to occur. Regards, Bigstock Contributor Support " Hope this helps somebody Cheers Geoff
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