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  1. Editorial pics - Should phone numbers in an image, be removed? Thanks.
  2. I guess whatever is meant by what is on the attached screen shot, from shutterstock.com.
  3. Is it shown somewhere, can you know, if a given download was free to the person? Does a .10 earning necessarily mean it was free? Thanks,
  4. I see that, thank you. (What I put on the thread is the full size version).
  5. Well, mixed reviews. Was rejected again on re-submit, so I'll let it go. It's not like I am a pro and this is some super picture! Thanks, all.
  6. Amazing, that's what it looked like before I applied sharpening!
  7. Maybe it's just that, I-just-want-it-to-work dynamic, so I wanted to ask anyone's analysis. Would you judge this rejected one, not in focus? - Thanks.
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