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  1. I submitted this image (in a larger size) as abstract. It was rejected for "Post-Production Technique -- Image contains quality issues due to cloning, isolation, or other post-production techniques." Conceptually, anyway, what might that mean? It is indeed a photo in a forest preserve, with special effect(s) applied.
  2. I like this shot, but then I probably like more of what I take than is... well, anyway :0. But for me I like the contrast of the blue and green to the black or almost black, and a mysterious feeling about it. Any comments welcome.
  3. This is at a television show shooting taking place outdoors in a city. Shot quickly and I would have preferred that the foreground person not have moved in at that second. But, as he is there, is it perhaps good in this case? Do you think it adds to the sense of a lot of people being involved, busyness, the fact of there being many onlookers? Or is something like this always undesirable.

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  4. Thanks, Leonard. I am saving that info.
  5. Hi, All, Are there one or two image size ratios that are most desirable to customers? Or is it really all over the map because of so may diverse applications of images. What prompted me to ask is that I made a recent picture I took to be my phone wallpaper, without first cropping or sizing it to fit the phone. The result is a cropped image, and incidentally I kind of like the result of the cropping! I think I'll be looking at the image for different ways to crop it, which might result in one or another ratio from whatever I end up liking best. Thanks!
  6. It just dawned on me that it is downloads. I hoped to get back here before anyone replied, and delete the question Since I have not yet made enough to have a "payday" yet I don't know if it zeros when that happens. I am using a Samsung J3 phone which is an Android.
  7. What do the symbol and number mean in the phone app? What red arrow points to.
  8. It came to mind that I had not report, that after getting it titled correctly, with help from you all, this image was accepted.
  9. Actually the first time I submitted it, not for editorial, the rejection was for lack of property release. Then submitting for editorial, my titling is the issue. As of this writing have not corrected that and resubmitted yet.
  10. Thanks to all.
  11. This is one of my first attempts at editorial submission, rejected twice for: Unacceptable Editorial Caption -- Caption is either missing factual who, what, when and where information, is too vague, contains inaccuracies or is not relevant to the subject matter. Unfortunately I did not record and keep the titles that I submitted, but the second attempt was something like this: "Fresh bread is displayed in an Italian bakery restaurant along with ads for Itailian ice, sandwiches, and panini". I did read the guidelines, but evidently am not getting the concept. What is missing? Is it supposed to actually say (using fake info here), "Bob's Italian bakery and restaurant on 2345 Main St in Springfield, Illinois" ? Thanks.
  12. Ok, thank you.
  13. This was rejected for: The main subject of this image is not in focus. Could someone describe where you see that to be at issue? Ready to be embarrassed here... Although I am literally due for an eye exam.

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