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  1. They are pixels. That is the unit I have selected in Inkscape. Afraid I don't know what it means to expand lines. I am a novice with vector drawing.
  2. Ok, a clue. (Again, I am using Inkscape.) If anyone, is still interested. My test file is just a 2200 x 2200 pixel, solid color filled, square. I have found that by editing some lines in the .eps, it will be accepted by the upload process. Below are the lines from different places in the .eps file. Wherever below there is 2200, it was 1650. I changed the object size to 3000 x 3000 and then the number in the .eps is 2250, and the upload is accepted. I set the image to 4000 x 4000, and 3000 is in the .eps ... These are evidently the relevant lines in the .eps : %%BoundingBox: 0 0 2200 2200 %%PageBoundingBox: 0 0 2200 2200 q 0 0 2200 2200 rectclip 1 0 0 -1 0 2200 cm q 0 0 2200 2200 re W n % Fallback Image: x=0 y=0 w=2200 h=2200 res=300ppi size=141838128 [ 2200.24 0 0 -2200.24 0 2200.24 ] concat
  3. You are correct! I re-edited the initial post and topic title now. I had wanted to delete the post because after submitting I started to feel it was a dumb question (despite the saying about there being no dumb questions...), and that I should be able to find the answer myself. But, I did not find the answer, and as discussion did take off maybe it will be answered here.
  4. The problem very well may be a glitch between my ears, and/or I misspoke. So, the object, the picture, in the .svg is 2100 x 2100 pixels: 4,410,000. On uploading, the problem reported is: The size of your artwork (not the size of the artboard) must be at least 4 megapixels. Am I missing something? (and don't say brains, ha ha!)
  5. I may have found my answer by searching the forums. I am starting to learn Inkscape with the idea of creating illustrations for stock. I could not figure out how the minimum .eps size required is 4 meg, and when I save the .sbg as .eps (one object of a background use nature), the .eps is 4 K. I make the object much bigger an retry, the resulting .eps is barely bigger. I don't know if this is a training issue about creating Illustrations, the nature of .eps files, etc., or if the answer is, Inkscape is not so good for this, at least to meet Shuttlecock requirements. Some people said they tried Inkscape and gave up. It seems Adobe Illustrator or something on that level is needed?
  6. Ha! Ok, do you create illustrations? (Adobe, Inkscape...)
  7. Need help understanding .eps files, trying to submit for the first time, getting rejected right away, something about being too small.
  8. Maybe I am having a senior moment, I can claim those now, but click where?
  9. If there is a setting I just have not found it. is there a way to change the Shutterstock watermark which is put on displays of your images? From the one word "Shutterstock" in the middle of the image to where it is smaller but on an angle and "all over" the image. Thank you.
  10. I did submit again, and it was accepted. I did remove some small raised text from the lid, although which at the angle of view was not readable.
  11. I reduced the image for the purpose of posting here, sorry. But I have studied the full size one. If I still can't find anything readable will just try resubmitting some time.
  12. Hmm, have zoomed in and looked around but am blind to it. Well, I can seem some raised text or something on the right and left side. I can't read it, but have no problem removing it.
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