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  1. Looking for help on this. I submitted three images, all rejected for: Illustration Designation -- This image must be designated as an illustration. Please upload the image and select the Illustration box before submitting. Training issue for me. Below is one of the images. The other two are similar. These were taken with a camera, with no post processing. I rediscovered them in my older pictures. They were taken of flowers while 1) panning the camera during exposure, 2) deliberately being out of focus, 3) or both. My description was just "Blurred green and yellow background." So, what is correct thing to do. I am thinking that the reviewer thought they were created in some way other than with a camera. Or, maybe it does not matter how, and what makes an illustration an illustration, is its content, now how it was created(?). Should I resubmit designated as an illustration? Or rather resubmit as photo, but put how it was created in the description? Or... ? Thanks.
  2. Show your latest download
  3. Foundstock is back up: I'm out

    Hmm, thank you for that reply. I will think on that.
  4. Foundstock is back up: I'm out

    I am a "little guy", newbie, but, what other site(s) would you recommed instead of SS. That is not meant in the sense if defending SS. It is just a question.
  5. Buyers can sell as art?

    Thank you both.
  6. Buyers can sell as art?

    I am mostly a dreamer here so far, so it is not that this subject matters completely in reality at this time. But am I correct that liscensing allows for buyers to sell images as art? If so, any of you who do sell your work as art, do you keep that content and your stock content here exclusive from each other? (maybe poor wording...😉)
  7. I got bored

  8. What do ODD and SOD mean?

    Thank you, everyone!
  9. What do ODD and SOD mean?
  10. SHOW your latest download
  11. SHOW your latest download
  12. Submission Page Update

    At this moment, 1:30 PM CST, I find that on selecting a file to upload in Internet Explorer, it gives "We can't accept the following files because we don't support that file type." But in Firefox it works.
  13. Property Release needed for modified image?

    Thank you for the additional inputs.