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  1. Brian Kapp

    Help with submission process

    I think so, thanks.
  2. I might be able to figure this out easily on a desktop, but only have the phone until tonight, and, am anxious to know the answer. Did my first attempt at submitting illustrations which were created by applying filters to a photo. I attached the original photo to be the reference, as a "release", somehow thought that is the way to do it. Submission was rejected for "Incorrect Release Designation: The incorrect release designation was applied to the attached model release, property release, or reference image." Is there a check box/radio button I missed for the designation? Or should the reference image be submitted in the normal way, like the others? If so, how is it designated as the reference. Or...? Thanks ahead of time.
  3. Brian Kapp

    Why propertry release required on this one

    Thanks all for the help.
  4. My thinking is, this could be "any building", so why property release requested?
  5. SS: You can enter up to 250 characters for an image description. It is truncated when mousing over an image displayed in search results. If one is not aware of this, >80 char descriptions are truncated and then look sloppy and unprofessional. Is there awareness of this, are there plans to fix it. Thank you. Brian
  6. Brian Kapp

    Uploading, images missing

    Have the same/similar. Once, rename and re upload worked, The original upload showed up a day or two later. Did a rename / re upload just now on one and the renamed, second one showed up, available to work with, in a few seconds (used to be almost immediate). First attempt is still not there.
  7. Brian Kapp

    I'm conflicted... is this good or not?

    Thank you everyone for all the help! You are all 🏁 - ers !
  8. My question concerns the dashboard being in this picture. Part of me says, it's good, or at least, ok, giving a sense of being there, riding in the car and seeing the Mustang. Part of me says, no, that does not work, it is distracting, is just a "blob" in the picture. Thoughts? Thanks.