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  1. Wilm, I am completely on your side and do the calculation in the same way. No misunderstanding on my side. I just wanted to clarify for Whiteaster that no one is lucky since May 25th (except perhaps some "fans" who try to deceive people in this forum). I stopped uploading on May 25th and am seriously thinking of deactivating my portfolio end of the year. All the best, Andreas
  2. Lucky? Because he only looses 8%? My loss (Level 4 in new scheme, Level 2 in old because I'm relatively new with low lifetime earnings, so I come from 0,33$ per Sub instead of 0,38$ as Wilm) is 14,5% since new earnings structure on stills and including video it's 21,2%. I will post actual figures EOY when I'm writing my goodbye post before falling even lower to 15%. And I'm comparing real figures new earnings structure vs. old earnings structure (same DLs). No comparison against history.
  3. Looks like a good series. I had several series of 0,10s at level 4.
  4. An ODD for 1,30 USD on level 4? SS you must be kidding, that is far less than the old guaranteed 2,48 USD!
  5. I don't πŸ™‚ (added: In fact I waited for it to happen)
  6. Around 20% loss against old payment structure. 0,10 DLs suck. Have stopped uploading on May 25th and am considering to delete my port in January when the loss will be around 40%. I’m currently on lvl 4. other outlets are outperforming SS by far since June.
  7. So you seem to be the only one regretting not to have been on the Titanic πŸ˜‰
  8. 0,60$ for an on demand DL on Lvl 4??? SS you must be kidding. We are supposed to gain from OD DLs while suffering from sub DLs. That is a complete joke!
  9. RPD 0,37$, No of DLs low compared to July. On AS I have 50% more DLs and 4x the revenue.
  10. It only applies to newly sold sub plans from June 1. If a buyer downloads an image with an old plan you only get the old 0.35$. That was indeed communicated in a misleading way.
  11. Over 93% subs here. One very high ODD though, reducing my overall loss so far this month from 25 to 10%.
  12. I have stopped on May 25th. Portfolio not yet deleted but considering heavily for January when my share falls by 50% and SS grabs 85% plus unused sub slots.
  13. Ooh the most active thread of the last two months became a β€œvictim” of the malfunction - what a coincidence.
  14. I think that is just statistical variations. I had nearly only subs this month.
  15. Wow. Last 7 days 29 DLs with a total of 5.94$. This is ridiculous. January can come... bye bye.
  16. So June is over and its time for a real statistic. How did I do it? I took all downloads and restated them with what the old earnings scheme would have brought. This eliminates the possible bias of changed RPDs or fluctuation of DL numbers. It simply says how much would I have earned in the old system and how much did I get in the new system - plain and simple. I am currently on level 4 for stills and on level 1 for video since I only just started to upload videos from time to time (didn't upload anything from May 26th). Life time earnings are below 3.000$ since I began late after giving up iStock exclusivity. So my sub payment used to be 0,33$ and there was not a fall as steep as from 0,38$. For stills my loss of income is 17% and for video it is 50%. In total the loss is 29%. Very interesting are also as-if-models for January. My loss will then be 52% with Level 1 applied and 42% with level 2 applied. Since even with Level 4 I make a substantial loss plus the loss until reaching level 4 in the beginning of each year I see no motivation to further upload and will decide EOY whether to disable my whole port. I didn't model what my loss would have been with Level 5 (because we can't without figures for the original price for sub DLs) but I can't imagine that the 17% gap for stills would be closed with 35% instead of 30% seeing masses of 0,10$ downloads. And Level 5 suppliers surely had higher life time earnings and thus higher old scheme earnings than me. I am 100% sure that Shutterstock did a complete restatement of last years payouts with the new scheme and came up with a huge profit when even Level 5 sellers struggle to keep their earnings. But they surely won't share.
  17. Well video contribs got screwed twice. First they introduced a new cheap sub plan for videos then they changed the payout from 30% to "from 15%".
  18. Last 15 DLs totaled 1.86 instead of 4.95 on level 4. The only consequence to make subs sustainable is scraping the 350 and 750 DL plans. But SS earns more on those because the higher the plan the higher the number of unused slots which bring 100% for SS.
  19. Wow last 7 DLs today totalled 0,77$. Level 4. Overall loss when comparing old to new earnings structure currently 31% (same DLs restated with an Excel sheet to old payments structure).
  20. Yep, my "subtitle" was also removed where I described that new content will be only available on other fair agencies. They are putting in a lot of effort!
  21. I get 0,10 on SS and I get 3,19 on another agency. Just a comparison of my sales at two agencies today.
  22. Do you want to share the magical bullet for selling more enhanced licenses? Seems like a variable you can't influence because you can't influence the need of the buyer. First there is a need and then they search at the stock sites. I think there should be more ELs, but for that SS needs to enforce rules (print run,...) which they are not interested in. Or even change rules? Why can you use a 0,10 image (photogs share) for a book or magazine cover? Those should require an EL. Lower the max. print run to 50.000 or even 5.000? Even large Newspapers with a print run of below 500.000 (most of the papers in Germany) don't need an EL today.
  23. Yes its all from today but the date column was all to the left and I therefore cropped it. Yes getting that much 3$ sales is unusual but on the other hand getting the 0,1x DLs at shutter always feel like a slap in the face. In the meantime I had another 3,30 sale on the other agency and one 0,20 and one 0,13 on SS.
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