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  1. I could follow the link and put the file into the basket, but since I donโ€™t have a buyer account could not go to the checkout to see whether I could really go the next step. Anyone here with a buyer account who can check?
  2. I just got a sale of 9,15 labeled as On Demand. Any idea what the Customer bought? Would I have gotten my 2,48 standard payment in the old world? Seems like this would make up for all the insulting 0,10 downloads of this month - but not the 50% cut happening in January.
  3. So October started veeeeery slow at Shutter. RPD of 18 cents up to now and unusually low number of DLs. Revenue at AS is 26 times higher with one Extended License, 13 times higher without it. DL number 2,5 times higher at AS. My decision for EOY is getting easier every sad day here. Have now started to delete images...
  4. Congrats. Would most probably have been 23.70$ before June 1st. Or was your post sarcastic?
  5. Wilm, I am completely on your side and do the calculation in the same way. No misunderstanding on my side. I just wanted to clarify for Whiteaster that no one is lucky since May 25th (except perhaps some "fans" who try to deceive people in this forum). I stopped uploading on May 25th and am seriously thinking of deactivating my portfolio end of the year. All the best, Andreas
  6. Lucky? Because he only looses 8%? My loss (Level 4 in new scheme, Level 2 in old because I'm relatively new with low lifetime earnings, so I come from 0,33$ per Sub instead of 0,38$ as Wilm) is 14,5% since new earnings structure on stills and including video it's 21,2%. I will post actual figures EOY when I'm writing my goodbye post before falling even lower to 15%. And I'm comparing real figures new earnings structure vs. old earnings structure (same DLs). No comparison against history.
  7. Looks like a good series. I had several series of 0,10s at level 4.
  8. An ODD for 1,30 USD on level 4? SS you must be kidding, that is far less than the old guaranteed 2,48 USD!
  9. I don't ๐Ÿ™‚ (added: In fact I waited for it to happen)
  10. Around 20% loss against old payment structure. 0,10 DLs suck. Have stopped uploading on May 25th and am considering to delete my port in January when the loss will be around 40%. Iโ€™m currently on lvl 4. other outlets are outperforming SS by far since June.
  11. So you seem to be the only one regretting not to have been on the Titanic ๐Ÿ˜‰
  12. 0,60$ for an on demand DL on Lvl 4??? SS you must be kidding. We are supposed to gain from OD DLs while suffering from sub DLs. That is a complete joke!
  13. RPD 0,37$, No of DLs low compared to July. On AS I have 50% more DLs and 4x the revenue.
  14. It only applies to newly sold sub plans from June 1. If a buyer downloads an image with an old plan you only get the old 0.35$. That was indeed communicated in a misleading way.
  15. Over 93% subs here. One very high ODD though, reducing my overall loss so far this month from 25 to 10%.
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