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  1. You are right. I just sent an email to support but don't expect any meaningful answer.
  2. Well that's a strange strategy. I thought I anyway invested time into the stuff I already uploaded and at least wanted to reap the benefits of a higher initial tier in 2020. So I stopped uploading immediately after May 25th and had a look at how my earnings developed to later decide whether to delete my port completely come Jan 1st. As I stated earlier in this thread I encountered a 9.9% loss until EOY according to my shadow accounting of real sales on level 4 and projected a total loss of income of 18.1% for 2021 with the reset to level 1 and a gradual climbing in the ranks over the year. Sin
  3. Well I didn't get the email, but I also didn't get the email concerning the "New Earnings Structure" EO May last year. And in my Spam folder there are only bitcoin and blue pills messages.
  4. Btw do new percentages apply immediately after passing the threshold or next day or whatever? Will we get a “congratulatory” email?
  5. First four DLs after passing the 100 mark were all 0,10. 😂 very motivating!
  6. Wow. Up to now this year a RPD of way below 20 cents. And the main competitor sold more than 2 times as much images for exactly 10x the revenue. Way to go Shutterstock!
  7. An open letter: Dear Shutterstock, years ago you implemented large volume subscription plans for low per image costs. I assume that you thought at that time that it makes sense since not all slots will be used anyways. It seems that you now know that this was a complete fail. You had killed the microstock market and needed to make the contributors pay for your failure by paying them only a fraction on sub sales. So on May 25th you announced a one-sided change of our royalties which was packaged as a motivation to earn more by submitting more images. In fact the opposite happened. I imm
  8. I thought on level 4 we ought to earn more than the old 2.48 USD (old level 2) when selling ODDs. But my last three ODDs were 2.11, 2.47 and 2.20.
  9. I thought about it for end of the year because of the resetting to 15%. But tonight I had my biggest single earning with 87,24 for a SOD. Since I am on level 4 this brings me into the plus for this month comparing old against new earnings scheme. I stopped uploading May 26th and still will have a BME this month due to this sale. So it seems like I will not deactivate but still not upload any additional assets. My earnings on other agencies are now continuously outperforming SS by far (even in this good SS month). And BTW: this is just a lottery - if I would have sold this same image in Ja
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