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  1. But anyway, we are not informed by SS that we might have those kind of sales, right?
  2. How its possible to obtain 1.80 bucks on a video sale?
  3. Hello dear SS Admins, Do you know if its possible to create categories in our video catalogues like we have for the photos? Thank you
  4. Me personally i would be happy with 1 or 2 days reviews
  5. Best month so far, at least for me. around 30$. Sold my first video. But im working on more video content now.
  6. Hello all, We don't know if its right place to ask this, but we need 100 subscribers before we have the right to claim a personalised Youtube Channel URL, we don't have much content there still. But we will upload some more. Would be so kind to subscribe our channel. Once again we really don't know if its ok to post this here. Thank you so much for your support!
  7. Hopefully the end of the Bug! i Really hope so! Thanks for sharing their answer mate!
  8. Just curious guys, you also having the same bug when uploading HD clips instead of 4K ones? Thank you
  9. How about HD clips guys? Having the same problem with the 4K ones? Anyone?
  10. All good mate, iwas afraid that you would think the same about my reply.
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