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  1. Hello @Alex Shutterstock, You work on very important things, thank you very much, but I would like to remind you about the download map that you turned off about 2 years ago for videographers... I really don't know when will I see topic name: "It’s back - Download Map is now available for all Contributors!" *Not yet available for videos Thank you, hope for a miracle.
  2. I'm submitting 24 videos now, and the new UI tells me about errors, but it doesn't mark clips with errors anyhow. Now I have to go through all the clips, click them one by one, scroll right part of page down and then up (I'm just a regular person, don't have so huge monitor as your designer can imagine) to see which clip has errors... thank God there are not so many clips, just 24, not more than one hundred as usual.. Also, I can't choose more then one categories when submitting, before I thought that you threw out one category, but in Pending Footage page I see now that I can choose 2 categories and one of them is empty now... I really don't now how to speed up my submitting now, it's too much useless actions...Probably I need just get used to, as well as I see this inscription under the map: *Not yet available for videos (from feb 2016). Don't now what else to say, just frustrating... Smiles for you...
  3. Nobody hears our contributors problems, that's the main problem. Map *Not yet available for videos (from february 2016 damn it!!)
  4. You can also use csv files, it's simple too... I also work with hundreds of videos for instance, but unlike you, I ran into difficulties with new UI and and I really do not understand why I need to waste my time to deal with someone's uncomfortable creation ... It's really made not for convenience of contributors but for the satisfaction of designers. Thhats how it works. And, I want to make this phrase the signature of my posts: Map *Not yet available for videos (from february 2016 damn it!!)
  5. OMG! Useless, clumsy new submission page update ... Of course, I understand that your designers have to make clever face they are working hard, but damn it! These awkward innovations waste of time for your contributors... They are simply useless and do not need anyone! DO NOT NEED ANYONE! One year ago you made update of the main page, and what? Map is still *Not yet available for videos, that says it all! I'm sure that the senior management of ShutterStock is not sufficiently informed about the problems with these innovations of the site pages!
  6. * Not yet available for videos Map, Video, When? There will be one month soon! Your designer it busy by something else or what? We are working here, and what he is doing, explain me please !? Why you needed to run the raw Dashboard for us, I can not understand, WHY? Why you did not keep a freedom of choice between the old and the new panel? It's so simple, clever and humane thing! Why? When you buy a new car, you need to wait one month or more when wheels or steering wheel will be mounted, m? If we are building Shutterstock marketplace together, Why don't we hear no feedback from you, Why don't we see no changes with a raw and uncomfortable dashboard during 18 EIGHTEEN days? Best regards, Dmitrii, Shutterstock contributor.
  7. Continuing the theme All Rejected: Dashboards Recent rejections In the last 3 weeks: 1; Rejection reason: We, Contributors really don't like it, please resubmit the old one with improvements.
  8. Probably, the main advantage of the petition would be to its brevity and the person does not have to scroll all the 19 pages of this topic, in order to understand what is wrong with new design and what exactly is needed to fix ... I think for someone, who would like to make a petition, it would be a business just for 10 minutes, also pretty quickly ... It should not be smth extra, just light one ... Well, many of Contributors would have an opportunity to sign this petition. Because not so many of them visit this forum. Everything changes, possibly the next petition will reach the right person.
  9. Hey dudes! Who knows how to use this change.org instrument to create a petition against this new terrible design? English is not my native language, so I can not represent all the points correctly in the petition. But if somebody can make this and collect all these messages with critiques from this topic, it will be nice and I hope we'll finally get a feedback from SS! Best regards, Dmitrii. I work with SS from 2007, and I loved previous page, current page is UNFORTUNALLY useless for me.
  10. Hi there, New design is good, but* it needs some improvements, look: It would be nice if you'll give a contributors an opportunity to edit, move on a page or finally remove some of these small information boxes (widgets). *I prefer to see the map first, it's really important thing for me, I really don't care about all time sales, it's useless and does't need to be placed so big there. Also, it would be simply clever if you'll add a button -> to Old version design. Thanks, Best regards, Dmitrii.
  11. Missing more than 200 approved clips, from 1st of december. Already wrote two times to technical support. 21895921,21895918,21895915,21895912,21895909,21895906 ... .and many, many more...
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