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    Hmm, apparently i need to do some more research. That isn't at all what I've been reading or experienced in PR.
  2. Jpburke1006


    The people aren't recognizable, so model releases wouldn't be required. I don't see any recognizable copyright issues either. Care to elaborate?
  3. Hi All! I've tried a few times to upload an album to the "photo critique" gallery, but have been unsuccessful. When I create an album, I see that category as an option but it is grayed out and not available for selection. Can someone please tell me how you're getting your images in here? I've uploaded mine temporarily to the community gallery but suspect I won't get much feedback in the wrong forum. Thank you! Jessica
  4. Jpburke1006

    Lakeside 2

    Thank you! I did read that on several others' photos and see a difference. Something to keep in mind as i continue practicing!
  5. your comments are consistently unhelpful. you don't need to sugarcoat things, but could at least provide some help in your critiques.
  6. Jpburke1006

    First Upload

    First shot at using a digital camera I was given. Would love any feedback on technique, composition, etc. from some more experienced photographers. Thank you!
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