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  1. Uh-oh... Looking like a new candidate for the worst month ever. You're so crap now, SS, what a shame.
  2. Mondays are so gloomy here on SS now. Oh wait... So is every other day.
  3. Haven't been on here for a while and rarely even bother to check earnings anymore. Then I saw how the first week of the month went, lo and behold it's still crap. Matter of fact, it's worse. It went lower than low. Then probably will hit the lowest at the end of the year. It's only getting worse on SS and there's nothing we can say they'll listen to.
  4. I really want to know what the heck happens on SS on Mondays? Why have they become so deserted, almost like weekends lately?
  5. I personally believe that's not the case. But SS might use it as an excuse.
  6. I would say that almost everyday there's a $20 decrease from what I usually earn on weekdays here. I mean I wouldn't really mind if I was earning hundreds of dollars a day to begin with. But going down from $25 to $5 a day is too frustrating. SS was part of my main income for years but now I gotta adjust to a new financial plan & lifestyle due to this new system. I can't imagine how many more contributors whose lives were affected worse than me.
  7. What a disaster. Yesterday was probably my lowest earnings & downloads here on a Monday. I want to say "unbelievable" as an expression but it's not so hard to believe anymore that any day sales could just tank on SS.
  8. It's already happening and I don't think SS cares.
  9. This week has been exceptionally bad even by SS' new standards. It's like they're trying to outdo themselves every month. Yes, Shutterstock, I get it already that you can actually make it worse when I thought you couldn't. And honestly judging by the downward trend on my sales graph, I wouldn't even surprised if by the end of the year that I will not be making enough for payout. Which would be the first since 2013.
  10. My graph almost looks like a flipped and upright Adidas logo.
  11. Is this a Monday or what?? Why is my sa-... Oh wait, everyday is 💩 now on SS.
  12. Yay, I made 3 sales with the sum of what I used to get with 1.
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