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  1. First week of April had been crap here on SS.
  2. New WME on SS. That's three months in a row now they keep breaking the record. Would've been five if October wasn't slightly better than September. And it's the first time January's earnings are lower than the previous December's. It really is just downhill.
  3. Worst month on SS ever by far. Even after all the loss since last year I would genuinely be surprised if it gets even worse.
  4. This is the first time ever, since I started in 2012, I have more earnings on AS than SS. Would've been an achievement if the standard wasn't low.
  5. It seems to have been fixed for me. I can now upload regularly again.
  6. Ah, I see. I'll definitely try it next time I upload. Thanks for pointing me to the right direction.
  7. Yeah, I tried using this but when I clicked Quickconnect I got the warning "insecure server, it does not support ftp over tls." Also read somewhere that this isn't too safe which makes me unsure.
  8. Well hopefully they'll get it fixed soon then. Which client are you using for FTP?
  9. I reached out to their Twitter admin yesterday and they stated "we haven't heard of any occuring issues". I also tried contacting their customer service but no response.
  10. Yes it seems the problem is with uploading EPS. But I read somewhere else that it's not everybody that's experiencing this.
  11. With only 5 days left, it seems I can already declare that November is my new WME. Sales and earnings down 40-50% than what used to be normal here. Oh my, don't even want to imagine December & January.
  12. Same, can not upload. When I select a bunch of EPS files, only 1 shows up on the uploader and it doesn't even load.
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