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  1. Btw, it seems the steam engine is partially disassembled. It has at least two details missing, main rod and eccentric rod: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valve_gear#/media/File:Baker_valve_gear.jpg
  2. Just checked photos bought on SS. There's no EXIF data in them. But the most files from AS and DP have this data.
  3. Ah, it seems that it concerns Russian version of app. What about other languages?
  4. It has just one refreshing from May 22 -- "sold for the first time" on May 22 has been disappeared.
  5. Same here. Last 2 times it was partly refreshed were May 17th and 22nd
  6. I guess DT is Dreamstime and IS is iStock.
  7. IS has this feature. There is the number of image views, the number of images added to a board and the number of countries from which images were viewed and added to a board during last month. This content statistics change every day.
  8. Thank you, Reimar. My average download was around 0.40 too until i have one $50 SOD in March.
  9. Thank you everybody for your answers. I do not use special analytics; I just inserted the data into a spreadsheet. I see that the most write that the SS brings more income than IS. And I had the same results a year ago. But over the past year, my files have more downloads and profits on IS (although there are often sales for few pennies). Apparently, in some elusive way, buyers on IS find my images more suitable than customers on SS. Why? This is what I would like to understand.
  10. On 3 sites I upload almost the same images (of course, on AS without editorial). However, IS shows a noticeable increase in both the number of downloads and earning, compared to the other two. So what am I doing wrong?
  11. May be downloads just have a herd behavior on SS? 😃
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