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  1. Congrats, i just sank a glass of de l'eau in your honour.👐
  2. I notice that one of the Bullet Points on the contributor guidelines for this forum is: Refrain from making defamatory remarks about Shutterstock, our contributors, our customers, or our competitors. Please report inappropriate comments using the Report feature. Now why would anyone want to make defamatory comments about an organisation as equitable and fair as Shutterstock?
  3. It actually makes a lot of sense. We are all making a lot of noise but still giving them our images to sell. Shutterstock is making more profit because we still support them and wont withdraw our portfolios. Simples
  4. I'm a pretty mediocre photographer with not too grand expectations but to date I have 52 downloads in January with a grand total of of $10.15 cents earnings. A total insult from a company that meets all the characteristics that merit a description of uncaring, exploitative, insulting, and shabby. Why am i still here? Because I haven't the confidence to go. I enjoy photography and I enjoy the feeling every time one of my images is downloaded. We have a saying, " Stay Alive old horse and you will get grass"
  5. 23 image downloads so far in Jan for the princely sum of $2.76. That's dollars and not REAL money like £ sterling.😃 Hopeless.
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