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  1. I followed these guidelines to add custom fields to LR: http://regex.info/blog/2016-09-15/2731 This way I can mark (and filter) which photos are editorials I use ftp, not other sw/services.
  2. Till now, microstock did not cover my leaving, but it actually did cover the equipment
  3. They explain in their forum that it will be for new sales / new sold packages. I'm still waiting to see the change.
  4. No idea, but verify that your tax status is OK
  5. Its best to manage your portfolio in lightroom - use the library module to manage descriptions & keywords. Shutterstock and some other reads only caption, some read also the title (AS strangely read only title). All read keywords. All have ftp upload. You can add customize fields to lightroom to manage what is editorial There is always overhead in working with multiple agencies, but good workflow will reduce it dramatically
  6. Very sad day for me. I opted out sales. I really hope that shutterstock will amend this and I will opted in again and resume uploads.
  7. More than 50% of earnings are subs, and shutterstock pays contributors 38c (I recently reached that level) and still ss is earning and not loosing money for years, This is because the vast majority of buyers do not use the full package. And I am quite sure that most sub sale will be now 10c or near
  8. The biggest change is that now you get a flat rate for sub (25..38cent), which is most of the sales. In the new system, you will get percentage, that seems that in most cases will be the minimum 10cent or very close to it. That will cause the big drop in earnings.
  9. No Many of us did the math. The majority of sales is subscriptions, and majority of subscriptions sales is the bigger packs. Almost all these sales will be much lower from 38 cent, most 10 cent or near. Its a 70% cut on earning. That is the real and sad math.
  10. I in stock for 7 years. Shutterstock was my no. 1. Till today I always uploaded first to shutterstock. Today from the first time I've submitted new content to other agencies only, and not to shutterstock.
  11. Seems that you are wrong. IS pays per what customer actually used from package. SS will pay assuming full usage. Its a big difference
  12. Seems to be extremely bad for all contributors. I just reached the 10K$ a few weeks ago. How does this affect subscriptions?
  13. Shutterstock review process is not perfect, but in my experience its not difficult nor frustrating. I usually find it easy to get images approve. You need to spend a little time to learn the rules and reviewing sensitive issues.
  14. Congratulations! I hope to reach that goal myself soon (despite the corona-virus slowdown)
  15. In shutterstock always all your pending commercial are reviewed together (same for editorial). Not a trick of uploading and not completing. If there are several pending batches they are reviewed together. I never tried any trick. I just upload batches when I have them ready.
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