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  1. I guess too many video guys in this forum were bragging about how much money they made with their clips, compared to photos.
  2. I doubt VW has anything to do with this. The productions of their spots are handled by all sorts of ad agencies and production companies.
  3. Getty has got enough problems of their own. More likely take over candidates are Apple, Amazon or Google.
  4. I just don't understand why SS is doing this. This new price structure makes no sense and is not sustainable. Where do they think they will get quality material from now on? Even the big Russian and Indian low cost studios can't live off 10 cents per image.
  5. I'm afraid that the others will join in and lower their royalties as well in the not so far future. This global digital algorithm business is a business race to the bottom.
  6. I have grave doubts that they were forced to do this. They were just afraid that their stock options would lose value because of the Corona crisis.
  7. Don't let SS make you become a finger pointer. That's bad style.
  8. Which is nice and I will use it next year.
  9. Adobe is a much larger company than Shutterstock and not in the business of stock photography. For them Adobe Stock is just a marketing tool to sell more software subscriptions.
  10. Well they created this 10 cents minimum royalty, but without it, I'm sure they've got some subscription options, where we would actually get negative rates, owning SS money.
  11. Maybe you haven't understood yet that SS has just slashed your income here by 50%. I think this fact justifies a lot of negativity.
  12. You will start with very very very much lower royalties, since the 30%, 35% only work for the high-end sales. The new standard for most subscription sales is 10 cents.
  13. Downloads for June so far are alright, as usual. Revenue on the other hand seems to be down by 50%. No more uploads from me until the end of June and then I'll reassess the situation and will make a decision (this is not a silly threat towards SS ((I'm sure they couldn't care less)), but a economic necessity. Creating new images for this kind of money is a waste of time).
  14. Shutterstock said they won't go below 10 cents, unlike agencies like IS (it can still get worse...lol). But it looks like an overall 50% drop in revenue, which is of course totally unacceptable. A joke.
  15. The levels will only come into play when they sell something outside their subscription plan. For the rest 10 cents is the new reality. Lol, Shutterstock probably thinks their doing us a favor with the 10 cents minimum or we would receive 1.24 cents or less.
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