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  1. not siempre. only as long as you sell on shutterstock
  2. I am acting according to a different scheme. No more new content. Every time a file that is in demand on other sites is sold, I delete it from ss. This is my game
  3. Great feeling to upload new content to all stocks except SS ))
  4. This integration makes it easy and fast to create high-performing ads with millions of fresh images, available for free in Microsoft Advertising. https://www.shutterstock.com/blog/shutterstock-microsoft-integration Bad news doesn't come alone
  5. in my humble opinion, luck is the last thing to hope for. especially in such a business
  6. Попробуйте нажать на кнопку поиска с пустыми строками поиска. Эти цифры являются более точными, чем те, которые указаны СС
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