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  1. I am expecting similar announcement from SS soon. Shutter 'free' stock, where they pay us 10 cents instead of 5 $.
  2. I would have preferred nominating images that haven't sold and fairly good in quality. Since Adobe generally pays around 1$ per image, so with a few more downloads the images that were selected can easily cross 5 $ in revenue.
  3. Surprisingly, the images used to sell were selected. I guess we are heading towards a freemium model. The days of earning revenue from photos, illustrations and videos are gone.
  4. Few contributors sold ODD and EL for 0.17 and 0,61 cents. You can assume what is going to happen next.
  5. Mostly 10 subs here and there. I feel SS will become the next unsplash in a few years time.
  6. Even begging is better than microstock, beggars get more than 10 cents plus they do not have to spend money on camera, travel, hiring models, renting studio, expensive software etc.
  7. I haven't uploaded anything since march last year, but sadly a lot of contributors still continue to upload. They do not realise they are digging a huge grave for themselves and everybody else.
  8. If AS would have started accepted editorials, I would be out of here.
  9. My sales are a nightmare this month, only 0.10$ subs. It is my WME ever since I started contributing here.
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