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  1. Hate to burst your bubble but Detroit isn't at all like that. Sure, some parts are pretty sketchy but every major city has it's bad sections. Additionally, Metro Detroit isn't Detroit proper so putting it in the same bucket isn't even close to being in the same risk category. Also, FWIW, I've got about 2-3k worth of gear... so I'm not as worried about that kind of overhead/risk. Thanks for looking out, though!
  2. It amazed me how many popular towns there were here in Metro Detroit that literally had NO editorial coverage of signs, famous/popular buildings, etc... great for those times (at least for us small-timers) who are looking to expand our portfolios!
  3. So it seems like for the M43 GH4 scene, the Oly 60mm macro seems to be where it's at. Is there any other alternate options that I should be aware of/consider? Oly 60mm lens (price-wise) is at/JUST beyond the upper limit of what I'm currently willing to spend.
  4. Great idea on the Salvation Army/resale shop ideas... that's a fantastic idea. As for everyone hating/complaining on sharing ideas because it ruins their business... well... I've done professional photography for years and I've seen this mentality before. The big/established photographers hating on the undercutters and newcomers because it "eats into their business"... when the only way that it'd eat into their business is when they don't have creative/unique ideas or images themselves and their work doesn't stand up on their own. No worries. I won't ever be a concern to you big-time guys who do this full-time... I'll stay down here with the rest of the filthy casuals, having fun and making beer money. I know my place, don't you worry your pretty heads. Thanks for the ideas/support those of you who did offer it. Much appreciated!
  5. So everyone is so competitive that they won't even have discussions? God, how sad is that? I mean, yes... I guess my question is naive, but is it normal for everyone to be so hostile around here?
  6. Yes, you can shoot outdoors. But I was looking for indoor ideas specifically. And because using a turntable outdoors seems pretty dumb to me.
  7. I specifically said in my post that I was looking for ideas to use for a turntable/slider during the cold winter months... aka... inside.
  8. Are people really THAT competitive? I mean, I'm guessing that casual shooters like me aren't really a concern for established stock shooters. I'm talking some fun rainy day stuff, man...
  9. So I finally invested in a basic 24" slider and a motorized turntable to do some indoor turntable footage recording... are there any ideas/subjects that you recommend for expanding your portfolio? Obviously there's stuff like chess boards/pieces, fruit, etc... just wondering if anyone has a recommended go-to shooting list for building up your portfolio during the cold winter months.
  10. What are your stock footage "go-to" shots? Like... when you can't think of something specific or have a specific event/location in mind... do you have a fall-back option that you keep in your back pocket to go to so you don't lose steam on increasing your gallery?
  11. Does anyone have an AME export preset? Would love to do my color correction/trimming in Premiere and then just do a batch export/process from AME. Currently using a Photo-JPEG (movie-jpeg?) default and the file sizes are huge (which isn't a problem, really) but I'd rather have something a bit more refined.
  12. Just bought a Panny GH4 and will probably pick up a G7 for a second body. LOVE this camera. Never thought I wouldn't miss selling my GH3, but... yup. Adios, buddy!
  13. When submitting footage, the hardest part seems to be keywording and metadata entry. Does anyone have a good workflow for simplifying and making this process less painful? Keyword generators (for ideas, not for copy & paste), metadata apps, file organization, etc? Currently I'm just kind of making it up/thinking it up as I go and not surprisingly, it's not very efficient at ALL.
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