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  1. Check this post. This is about portfolio deactivation. This is good idea. Together we can change it! https://forums.submit.shutterstock.com/topic/100138-how-to-deactivate-your-images/
  2. Check this post. This is about portfolio deactivation https://forums.submit.shutterstock.com/topic/100138-how-to-deactivate-your-images/ And you can write your opinion in this thread. https://forums.submit.shutterstock.com/topic/100133-new-earnings-structure-for-contributors/
  3. This is good idia. Together we can change it!
  4. Very popular Russian video blogger uses stolen video footage with watermarks. This video has over three million views. And the total views of the channel are more than half a billion. What is your opinion about this? Here is the link to this video. [BadComedian] - Газгольдер 2 КЛУБАРЕ (Баста возвращается) Maybe you can find your footage.... Watch from 30:02
  5. https://www.shutterstock.com/ru/image-illustration/one-aa-alkaline-battery-on-white-694573279
  6. Happy bear ))) https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/brown-bear-wet-zoo-575350948?src=_qOE4fd1TPqFpdVfkL0fxw-8-81
  7. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-illustration/three-colorful-red-blue-yellow-alarm-624909893
  8. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-illustration/happy-new-year-2018-banner-red-732947188
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