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  1. Why do think I expect that? That was a general expression as an answer for Erics question. I know what is stock photography and SS ; but also I know what is a forum. I am sharing my works here for a reason; to get help and opinions from professionals. Until now I get great feedbacks from members and learned so many things. However I don't think this kind of attitude is necessary within this community. Eric Urquhart got my point and answered with a long and helpful post-I think he deleted it. But than you come up with a comment which can't be considered as polite, I wonder why?
  2. Ok. I get, this shot has nothing useful for me:/
  3. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I asked for your possible rejection ideas because SS don't come with possible ways to fix it. By the way thanks for your ideas about horizon and editing out the boats, I will try.
  4. what possible rejection reasons you can see?
  5. what possible rejection reasons you can see?
  6. what possible rejection reasons you can see?
  7. Thank you:) I am working on it
  8. Guys; this is officialy my first approved shot by SS
  9. Another tatoo design. Please let me know your idea
  10. I will try at least:) I hope I can upload a clearer version asap.
  11. Markhiggins; I think I can overcome this issue by changing some parameters of the photo on Lightroom and we can all see the result:) Darla, I will try to see if it's possible to fix it by crop tool. I shot a couple of photos with different compositions of this seen but most of them have image quality issues. Eric Urquhart; right now I am on phone, so I have to swich to my lap top to chech the problem with the horizon. I will check it asap. And thank you all for your support and feedbacks
  12. Chris kolaczan, thanks for the comment I tried different exposure-contracts combinations. With brightness some noise appears. And I hope SS doesn't mind property issue.
  13. This is one my vectors. I transformed one of my old tribal dragon drawings. First question; should I try to make it more smooter, second; does this design worth working on it?
  14. Thank you so much darla, I will post this one as soon as I finish some of my vector designs. I am really glad you like this one.
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