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  1. I removed all my photos They were just slow to come down. I'll look at that site--thank you. Giving a few new ones a try. And I think I know who that guy is. He's all about "quantity over quality" and views anyone with ports of less than 10,000 or somecrap to be lazy underachievers.
  2. Appearances can be deceiving--if you feel it's a quality issue, the determination of hard work cannot always be so easily judged. I freelance for a newspaper as a photojournalist, doing what I love, and have been in tense situations that can't be seen on here because I wasn't the story. But a few idiots won't scare me. As a colleague said that night, "attack one of us and you attack us all." Likewise knowing I and many others here are worth more than 10ยข or 15% IS business. For Shutterstock, it's greed.
  3. Go away. Small, lazy portfolios? "Just put in the effort"? I can't speak for others but mine is "small" because I exercise self control and quality control. I have walked upwards of 35k to take a single shot. I have been bitten, burned, frozen, injured, and nearly died at least twice. I have also put myself in danger from other humans because for me, photography is not just my job, it's life itself. I and many others are worth far more than Shutterstock thinks we are. All they care about is lining their pockets off OUR blood, sweat, and hard work.
  4. "Unsustainable" only because of the ongoing devaluation of creative content and this belief everyone should get everything for free. SS have said it's in response to the global market for creative content. But in pulling this crap and saying we are only worth breadcrumbs while they feast on our hard work, THEY ARE CONTRIBUTING to this ongoing devaluation of OUR content, and nobody should stand for it or try to justify their decision.
  5. Indeed--I sent out a few tweets and a major writer has retweeted a couple of them. I also asked my editor with a newspaper if I can write about it. Forwarded the info to a couple other people in entertainment, one of which does not take kindly to the ongoing devaluation of the arts, and suggested they boycott SS if they need to license content. Here's hoping this spreads like wildlfire.
  6. It cannot be said enough how disgusting this is. Shutterstock continue to turn a mint, and we all know many of the people licensing our content will likewise be using it to make themselves money. What do WE who work hard and spend thousands on gear to provide the content get? Spat on. (you can replace the P with an H and it would be even more accurate)
  7. My friend put it nicely: "Greedy f*cking bastards" Way to screw over the people working hard to provide YOU with the content you are profiting off, Shutterstock.
  8. I have seen an increase in rejections but they've been for dumb reasons. In one case, the resurgence of an old issue where things are rejected just because the location has a name and therefore I must not have permission to shoot there (false). God forbid we narrow the location down instead of just naming the city. The other shots were by someone who doesn't seem to understand anything about depth of field...
  9. My biggest criticism is how slow they are approving editorial images. I have been submitting a ton of newsworthy shots (pretty much the only things selling right now), and they are taking a couple days to get approved while non-editorial shots go through in a few hours. I'm certainly losing sales to the void of time. One old complaint was reviewers automatically rejecting shots for needing a release just because the location had a name when in fact none was needed, but this hasn't happened in a while. Higher standards alongside consistency in upholding those standards would certainly be of benefit to all.
  10. If not for as assortment of newsworthy images I'd be having a lot of 0 sale days. Those that are moving are almost entirely subs, of course. Good thing I managed to sell some footage directly to the media since I wouldn't even be getting single-direction bus fare back here.
  11. My account is having an ongoing limbo competition with itself. "How low can you go?" Unfortunately, it seems to be incredibly good at this game.
  12. I've got nothing. I forgot my camera at the hotel during a birding tour that would have yielded a TON of ripper shots, but a large part of me didn't give a crap because I knew nothing would come from the photos anyway. On the plus side it's a good reminder of why it's important to live in the moment and not be obsessed with getting a money shot, I guess.
  13. Halfway through January and I still haven't made December's cashout. Pathetic.
  14. My account is dead. I'm no longer feeling motivated. Even if the shots were good, I can't compete with flooded galleries and worsening commissions. SS is no longer even paying my bus fare.
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