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  1. Unfortunately, I think there is enough ppl willing to upload for peanuts... Hence, they will survive fine without those few who stop contributing, but for many of those, SS is the main microstock income source... 🙁
  2. the word "from" should have been "for", shouldn't it? Because they are certainly getting their huge present in January every year. Those 10-15% paid to big contributors of level 5/6 which will not be paid to them in January, just because of new year level reset...
  3. once again - on subs sales, this is minimum 60% decrease in royalties for EVERYONE. Subs are ca. 90% of sales for most people nowadays. And all that on 5 days notice. In my country, if there is any such unilateral change in contract conditions, it MUST BE accompanied by an option to terminate the contract immediately and without any semblance of penalty....
  4. there will be no newbies. Everyone with their brain in their head will run away just after doing some research of "how much can this bring me"
  5. Now, the minimum earn per sale is 0.25 $, but many (especially long time) supporters earn over 0.3 $. From now on, it will be 0.1 $ and for a lot more sales of most contributors. That is 60% cut. That alone is unfair and disrespectful. I am not even starting about the yearly reset and several months of big contributors getting rididiculously small amounts literally overnight...
  6. Hello everyone, I am not sure to get overhere tomorrow, so I will call this week winner now. I like Foodio's cork in burger disguise best. Next week is on you, Foodio
  7. bonus - if you have disguised food pictures in your portfolio at SS (or anywhere else), let us know how well and perhaps where does it sell, especially in case of those "weirder" disguises... Or don't. Whatever is fine with you.
  8. Hi all, perhaps a little explanation on the concept - both Foodio (copper dog and twineghetti) and Little adventures (penguins) got it correctly. I had in mind pretty much any food-related image, with which you realize after looking closely, that there is something different than thought at first and/or expected. Marchpane/fondant fruit, tomatoes looking like meatballs, vegetable faces (Arcimboldo style), cheese mushrooms, or even gravel stone rice. All of these work, though with the latter (non-food disguised as food), please try to make it as food-looking as possible. If t
  9. Hi Guys, sorry for the delay, for real life reasons I did not manage to get to the forum for almost two weeks. Anyway, thank you for the week's win. If you still want me to decide the topic of the week, let's go with "Disguised food". It is a little general, but can produce some interesting results. Food which look s like some other food, or maybe like no food at all, etc.
  10. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/soft-cheese-white-rind-camembert-brie-1091930609
  11. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/croissant-breakfast-served-jams-butter-cup-1046478931 Something a little more fitting to time of year - at least here in central Europe...
  12. selling UI tells me it cannot deliver any search results... simple search for "plum" resulted in no images and: "We’re sorry, but we were not able to deliver any search results at the moment. Please try again. If the problem continues, please reach out to our customer support"
  13. +1 App shows "image sold for 1st sale" today and 2 images sold for yesterday, with earnings summary saying my last sale took place on Friday. I think I will write SS a nice little e-mail claiming they lost me ca. 120 Single license sales, unless it gets fixed real quick...
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