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  1. Me too and NOBODY from SS cares! I am starting to hate SS
  2. A week has passed and there is no trace of my images. I really think that this time the problem is different from usual
  3. I would like to warn all users that the images approved on Tuesday, July the 6th, have disappeared from my portfolio, while those approved before and after that date are correctly displayed. I recommend that you check your portfolios and see if this problem has happened to you too. I have already reported this bug to SS, but have not been answered so far.
  4. and then where it says that everything in a photo must necessarily be in focus
  5. Approved photos do not appear in the portfolio. Does it happen to you too?
  6. I'm really tired of reviewers rejecting perfect photos, accepted by all other competing sites, for absurd reasons. If Shutterstock is a serious site it should only hire people who understand photography and not people without specific skills who judge the work of professionals by penalizing them heavily. This is lost money for both us contributors and Shutterstock! Don't you realize it ???
  7. As of today, downloads no longer appear on the map
  8. Regarding Eyeem, without a watermark are you not afraid of illegal downloads?
  9. I am at level 4. First 7 downloads in June, total 1.37 usd at an average of 0.19 per download. This is humiliating. Let's stick together and fight for what we deserve, which is definitely not this misery
  10. Glad to know that it happens to other contributors. But SS should improve this part because it is not serious to work in this way
  11. Hola. Es posible si no les das exclusivamente. Para eliminar una foto, selecciónela del portafolio y luego haga clic en Eliminar
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