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  1. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ we all must do the same, disable sells and don't upload anything.
  2. My last work only for Adobe Stock and Dreamstime, I don´t sell my photos for 0,10$, bye bye shutterstock 😑
  3. I don't upload images anymore in shutterstock, thank Good I have an Adobe Stock account, for now only upload in Adobe Stock and Dreamstime.When I see a massive disable accounts from all contributors, I turn my sells off again. Let's all together in the same date disable the portfolios! We must hit them hard know, this is slavery.
  4. If more members with a quality portfolio like you disable the sells they will make undo to this robbery, only the best contributors and real artists can stop them, a stock site don't resist full of garbage.
  5. Stocksy is my next move, https://www.stocksy.com πŸ˜” after 15 years, bye bye Shutterstock
  6. Maybe you are right, but I don't agree with this kind of changes, there is other ways to promote art and good works, and helps to sell a lot of more images, why the shutterstock banish the research for the most popular (most sold images) , the best photos all together, this action will simplify the buyer search for quality content. Why they don't give medals of honor for image downloads and rise the percentage according the medal, example: 0,5% garbage 10% wood 20% bronze 30% silver 40% gold and 50% diamond, this will incentive the contributors to evolute and do a better job and get rid of gar
  7. my 3641 images are dropping, now in 819, this is very sad, everyone should do the same, its time to strike back, don't choose slavery, together we are stronger.
  8. until they undo this announcement, I don't upload more photos, everyone must do the same.
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