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  1. good morning everyone (and a hug to all the women of the forum). I am following this comparison and I have tried to verify my images but I cannot find any evaluation ... Greetings from Italy (northern Italy): here a beautiful sunny day ... in smart working Lorenza
  2. Hello, can I collaborate? (level 4) Here are my sales: subscriptions: 0.14 - 0.10 - 1.27 - 0.15 - 0.12 - 0.39 - 0.18 - 0.13 - 0.11 - 1.03 - 1.20 - 1.14 - 0.20 - 0.16 singles: 1.59 - 1.21 on demand: 2.94 - 3.25 by Italy
  3. It is a pleasure to read posts where hasty and unweighted conclusions are not drawn! Finally we discuss and try to understand ... thanks, and above all thanks for sharing, it is useful to all of us, to those who do it for love and passion also for those who do it only for income... lorenza (by italy)
  4. me too a sale of 2.46 (single and others); it started ???
  5. Thank you for your intervention. The doubt remains. A giant screen with images that flow and that promote the most characteristic parts of the city ... To tell the truth I don't know. I should ask the shutterstock staff !!!!
  6. Hi everyone, I ask you for an opinion about my image that I found on the facade of a building in Trento. Photography that, together with others, offers some photos of Trentino Alto Adige in Italy. the use of the photo in this context what kind of license does it need to be purchased? I do not know that I sold this image as "extended". Thank you!!!
  7. Hi everyone, suddenly my portfolio has changed the "most relevant" filter photos. The first photo (which should be the most relevant) has never been sold. Have you noticed this thing too? How can you explain? Thank you... lorenza
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    Thanks Laurin for your speech and forgive me for being late, a bad life that keeps me away from my pc. A good day to you ... lorenza
  9. lorenza62


    Goodmorning everyone Who makes photography always escapes something ... you can not be objective. The sentence to you ...
  10. Hi Desiree I enrolled in SS since September 2016. I uploaded slowly and today I have 3650 images online. two thousand sales are not so many is clear. My portfolio consists of various photos, of my travels, of the wonders that are here in Italy, in Trentino Alto Adige. Many editorials. Being a hobby I think the result is satisfying and I'm happy. I believe Microstock is a job where results are slow but come slowly; important is not to create too many expectations .... ciaooo lorenza
  11. do not expect others to understand that to take a picture you can even take an hour ...
  12. thank you. I am a little perplexed about the fact that the images are not examined. I think so. I am convinced that there are acceptance parameters that are applied. Recently I sent an image for which I was not very convinced, I liked the composition, but I had to raise the shadows. I tried to reduce the noise but obviously it was not acceptable and, as I had foreseen, was (rightly) rejected.
  13. hi, yes. it's probably like that! I'll wait, I'm sure that within 5 days my images will be reviewed ... thanks !!!!
  14. Good morning in recent times I have had longer time for review. Does it happen to you too? Or rather, some are quickly overhauled and others, of the same lot loaded, remain more days. I happened to delete them and upload them again. It is better to wait for sure they are taken into consideration ??? lorenza
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