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  1. Am not 100% sure if there is a policy around submitting contents to other stock agencies, but i feel submitting contents to other stock agencies might affect your sales if what they are selling is cheaper compared to shutterstock sales. Also it may have impact on the sales of shutterstock too.
  2. i have submitted two complains so far on a footage i submitted, the replies am getting via email is not detail enough. i have shutterstocks video criteria saved on my computer for reference, and i don't need someone sharing the same details with me over and over, i need a detailed analysis why the video was rejected. The initial feedback i got from my submission said that the resolution of the video is not standard, it has pillarbox, letterbox etc. Am not convinced that this is true. i re-submitted and the second reviewer said it has film grain, artifacts, pixelation etc. Am not convinced as
  3. Also, i would suggest a plan where customers can buy off the licence of an image totally. With this contributors can make more money selling out their image rights as well as shutterstock.
  4. Hi What images did you make the most sales on?
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