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  1. Thank you Sir
  2. I think i will go with dell ultra sharp... no one suggest me a samsung, I think samsung is bad
  3. Thank you guys....
  4. Which monitor is best for photo and video editing? My Dell laptop screen seems to be ok, but when submitted to SS, sometimes they rejected as it is overexposed. I need $225 24" Desktop monitor, i saw lots online, but want to learn from you, experience people... I have both laptop and Desktop... It should be HDMI support....Thanks
  5. I read but I forgot to note..... Thanks for reminding...
  6. Thanks...only hope
  7. Hey guys, I need help... I reached the minimum payout yesterday but today there is no more unpaid earnings in my dashboard... do you think they paid my amount? It was not credited to my Bank account and there is no details in my Paypal Account.... Neep Help.. This is my first payout ever....
  8. omg so confusing, I dont want canon 10-18mm, cpaulfell, said its a junk.... Well I have to buy wide angle for crop sensor camera then, ok I will go for sigma or tamron, in future i again have to buy both FF and wide angle lens... Now I finally decided to buy for my present camera only.
  9. Thats why there are so many guys who sell it as secondhand. I dont hurry uying, first I study and buy.... Like those gear i bought...they are awesome...lucky me that I didnt buy canon 10-18mm....
  10. I got it now...The pronunciation...well Thank you
  11. nice song... very informative...
  12. I heard a lot about 24-70mm and i saw in youtube too, but the price...I have Crop sensor camera.. but I will upgrade to FF in future, so i need the lens that ready for future upgrade too
  13. Thank you sir....
  14. Thank you Sir Phil... now I got the point.... i was so confuse before I post here, Actually I suppose to get a suggestion on a lens to replace my kit lens 18-55mm Canon..With this kit lens I do capture landscapes which so far I sold 102 sales in 8 months. I do wide angle shots with this lens and for general purpose as well. Though I have zoom lens 55-250mm which is kit lens too, I do not use much in extreme zoom, I want a lens which i can capture wide and at least good portrait. My mind is thinking about either a tamron or sigma... may be in future I will upgrade to Canon. Last time I post to spend $450 in buying new gear including canon 10-18mm.. But they said this lens will work only in crop sensor camera, So i did not buy. I bought only Good tripod, a 50mm F/1.8, now an ND filter, GND filters and variable filter as well... I hope I can show some new images next month when the rain has stop.
  15. Thank you guys