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  1. hello~

    Namaste (Hindi) Aloha (Hawai'i) Shalom (hello in Hebrew) Salaam (hellow in Arabic).
  2. Copyright infringement

    I am not sure any system would be totally foolproof. If the system could still flag the photos for human review, it would still cut down on this (though I don't know how often it happens). There is another photo site (not a microstock one) that when you check your stats - how may times a photo's been viewed, commented on - will give you your IP address and say since you're logged in from there, it's ignoring your views of your pictures. I guess something like this could theoretically be done where a similar photo is found and see if it was downloaded to an IP address that the new photo is being uploaded from. How much time/effort/money it would take to put up a system like Doug mentions is something I don't know. Closing whatever loophole(s) that's allowing it would be a good start.
  3. Copyright infringement

    I did as well.
  4. Criteria level and portfolio issues

    Without seeing your previous pictures and your current ones it might be hard to answer the first half of your question (did you improve). Folks who have been here longer than I have (I've only been on since 8/2016) would be able to answer the other half better than I.
  5. Editorial / copyright question

    I think it would have to be, since the car is identifiable as an Oldsmobile. I don't think it has to do with whether the brand (whatever it is) is still around any more.
  6. Copyright infringement

    It is scary. I can understand if two people take similar pictures of a landmark (the Taj Mahal, for example). There'll be differences (time of day, cloud pattern, lighting due to time of day, etc). That is not unexpected on a site like this one, though out and outright *borrowing* - and I'm being kind here by not calling it stealing - is another thing altogether!!
  7. Copyright infringement

    https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/great-view-taj-mahal-india-796281568?src=vtCgOLvhvfv01JtgYqfs-Q-3-2 this image looks like it appears in two other ports as well! Even if two people were standing side by side and took a picture I'd expect the pictures to be at least slightly different (as what happens when one takes stereoscopic pictures) which doesn't seem to be the case here!
  8. the same is true for me. Most of my photos up here aren't cropped. Most of my edits, as such, are adjusting white balance, getting rid of dust/minor flaws (when I find them),etc. Occasionally I'll crop a photo to get rid of an element at the edge/corner of a photo.
  9. Submission page - More improvements are on the way

    I've noted the same issue with the system not remembering "mark all spelling as correct". I did send a suggestion about improving it (letting the system 'learn' the correct spelling/transliteration for words not of English origin and not already in the dictionary). I forget what the response was. Perhaps if the shutterstock folks heard more people suggesting it be improved/changed then it might happen. Not that I'm holding my breath.
  10. I love your photos. Your comment about not liking cropping reminds me (and I hope I'm remembering correctly, it's been ~25 years since I took the class) of what a teacher said in a class I took. His advice was to "crop in camera". Of course I think he was getting at thinking about the picture you're about to take, move/adjust your view, etc so you wouldn't have to crop when developing. Granted I think he'd agree that sometimes one has to do crop after the picture's taken - not even the best of us (and I'm not putting myself in that category) gets a photo 'right' 100% of the time. Some might get close to that.
  11. Perhaps the two of you were posting at the same time? your posts are stamped ~ 1 minute apart....