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  1. Adam Gladstone

    Flower ID?

    one can also use google to search by using an image to find similar ones.
  2. Adam Gladstone

    Editoral use of my photo without proper caption

    I am not sure. To me editorial means some sort of news/opinion/etc use, not for something in a travel blog or for making posters, etc. Did you also ask SS directly?
  3. Adam Gladstone

    Editorial verses non-editorial sales

    I know if they have any identifiable tattoos/speciific unique visual aspects need a model release. I tried to find the SS page I saw the comments where they have a picture of people as well as someone's hand holding something and commenting that they even needed the "hand model's" release. I either have to change my search words or perhaps it was on a different site. I was only supposing that it's because the two people in the photo could be identified (eg, hey, that photo has my uncle harry and dad in it!!) by someone who knew them well enough to ID them from behind. Without looking at your port, I suppose there are a couple of reasons why you have photos of people's backs that pass as commercial 1) differences in reviewer knowledge/where different reviewers draw the line with what's "identifiable" 2) what's considered ok has changed 3) My supposition could be wrong. I know I have a few photos that have people in them and they pass as commercial. However, they're far enough away and small enough in the photo that to identify them, the photos' would have to be blown up to the point where individual pixels start showing/there's not enough detail to ID people. N.B. It the example of a limb/hand being in the photo was on another site's list of when a model release is needed....
  4. Adam Gladstone

    Editorial verses non-editorial sales

    I would suspect because there are identifiable people in the image (even though we don't see their faces). In commercial photos (at least here on SS- though I suspect it's likely true of all sites/countries/etc), that even if you just have a body part (say, a hand) you need a model release from the person.
  5. Adam Gladstone

    Zenfolio vs Smugmug?

    Good to know. I'd often thought of selling photos on one of those two sites. I hadn't taken the plunge. Though SmugMug actually acquired flickr recently so I figured I'd wait and see what happens there before reconsidering taking the plunge.
  6. Adam Gladstone

    New Uploader Critique, take No. toomany

    In addition to what's already been said, I'd add that if you have a picture of an animal, insect, plant, etc, you also put the scientific name of said animal, insect, etc in the description or at the very least, the keywords. And instead of, for example, having the description be "Orange butterfly on Yellow orange flower" put something like "monarch butterfly on silkweed (asclepias tuberosa) flower....". That is put the common name of said subject in the description.
  7. Adam Gladstone

    Devil Eyes

    actually it didn't take long... I put circles under what cold be faces (some look more like they have a mask of some sort over their mouths, but....
  8. Adam Gladstone

    Devil Eyes

    I actually see what could be construed as many faces.... I will try to see if there's a way I can highlight them and reupload. May take a day or two given I don't live online...
  9. Similar stuff has happened to me when I have uploaded a number of photos and I want to put some of the same keywords in (the subjects may be different but want to put in, for example, that they're all from Rockport Massachusetts).. I then end up putting in keywords from photos I didn't intend to. It's annoying to go through and take out the unintended stuff...
  10. Adam Gladstone

    member for a few months, am I on the right track?

    All of what's been mentioned above. Plus you only have 46 photos. As others have mentioned, having good photos that can be used is important (something I think all of us are working on/strive for), but one needs to have lots of photographs as well. This doesn't mean 25 slight variations of the same thing, just lots of different photos that are unique. As Lauren (someone who's been here forever and gives lots of good advice...) might say: there are 50 things that make your neighborhood unique, go and find them.
  11. Adam Gladstone

    Non-licensable content in editorial clips!

    I've thought the same thing. I am not involved with any news organizations. A while back I had a photo of an Abraham Lincoln quote that had been painted on a boulder next to a path in the woods. Knowing it'd not fly as a commercial photo (graffiti and all of that), it still got denied as an editorial photo due to "un- licensable" content. Go figure. Given that it's been about 153 years since he died, I doubt Abraham Lincoln's family (I don't think he has any living direct descendants left) would have issue with it....
  12. Adam Gladstone

    DO WE NEED??????? Note To Admin.

    I remember those days.. one email for a bunch of approvals. It's better than one for each image.
  13. Adam Gladstone

    Rejected for similar

    I'm not sure I get it either. If it had been the same glasses/pitchers and that only a slight angle difference (and you had 10 or 20 "variations"), then I could see the rejection.
  14. Adam Gladstone

    ftp not working

    I will have to check again. I also tried uploading stuff via FTP this afternoon and had trouble. Though I thought it might be the antivirus software I had installed since the last time I tried. Now I'm not so sure...
  15. Adam Gladstone


    I figured. I'd have to double check, but I think its one that has sold at a couple different levels (though I suppose I could check). It'd be nice if they'd credited the photographers of each photo. Though the 25 cents does go slightly further than acknowledgment of who took the photo. Ok, maybe not much further (a quarter isn't what it used to be!). I was just excited to see where one of my photos was being used.