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  1. As a sort of “my two cents” and a slight aside. It feels like I’ve also been getting more rejections for “focus” than usual. Which is sort of weird because some/most of the same photos that were rejected here for “focus”, got accepted at other sites! a photo being in focus, one might presume, is one thing that all sites should be able to agree on.
  2. I don’t think I’d ask a friend or co worker their gender identity or sexual orientation no matter. It’s one thing if that person chooses to tell you (eg, has him/his or their/them etc on one’s nametag), but to ask basically a total stranger this info?!!?? that seems a bit much and intrusive.
  3. I have had the same thing happen recently. Photos rejected here for “focus” yet accepted without issue at other sites.
  4. I have the vague recollection that the first few posts didn’t go through immediately and were checked by a real live human being/moderator before being posted. Though I could be recalling that from a different site. If my memory is correct, I guess that’s gone by the wayside.
  5. I agree with Alexandre. I have photos on a couple of other sites as well - the ports aren’t identical as there are some photos accepted here that weren’t at other places (as well as stuff rejected here that’s rejected at othes) - with a fair amount of overlap. I’ve had photos that have sold here and on other sites. I suspect that people looking for photos will stick with one microstock site for most of their needs, even if they have accounts on other sites. the TL;DR is that having your photos up on other sites increases the number of folks who could find/buy your photos, even taking int
  6. I would also add that there are some sites (I know of at least one) that you can upload photos that are just exclusive to that platform (even if you have others that aren’t excluse). In that case you’d have to be careful not to submit those photos to other sites, or ask that they be made non exclusive first. The idea to check the Terms of Service is a good one.
  7. I've been noticing the same thing. Not that I expect a 100% acceptance rate but I've had some photos rejected at SS for "focus" though the same exact file was accepted at other sites.
  8. It was colorado (in the US..) I was coming up with the Yucca as well, but not being too familiar with it or it’s lifecycle I wanted to be sure. One or two of the photos I have I think came out good enough to submit (whether SS and other sites agree is a different matter), but with plants and animals I prefer to be sure I’m getting the common and scientific names correct. Thanks everyone.
  9. If anyone could give me a hand identifying this flower/plant I’d appreciate it. I think it could be a kind of yucca (though the flowers don’t look quite the way I’d expect them too when comparing them to what the flowers look like when the plants are in bloom, rather than in early spring as here). Obviously I’m not a horticulturist I know the middle one one is a bit out of focus (It’s not one I’d use obviously but unfortunately the only one that shows the whole plant):
  10. i'll second (third) what Doug and mcowenlevi said. My port isn't huge by any standards, nor do I claim to be a big earner here (less than 2x @McOwenLevi's port, but a similar # of downloads). I've also slowed my uploads while I figure out what I can shoot that's under-represented and/or unique to SS from around where I live, and figure out how to improve my photos. Anyhow here are some thoughts and advice I've been given: Find stuff that's unique to croatia (that's what your profile says as to your location) that you can get to. Also keywording is important, as mentioned. I know with s
  11. I was just using Temppeliaukio Church as an example of something specific to Finland. And yes there might not be a big market for photos of it,. Obviously small representation of a subject on SS - or other microstock sites for that matter - doesn’t mean that there’s a lot of pent up demand for photos of said subject. My implication (and I could have perhaps stated it more clearly) is that those subjects with little representation on SS means there’s less competition when it comes to people looking for photos of that subject and that how much demand is a different matter. But if and when someon
  12. I think you’re misreading or misinterpreting what I’m saying. I used the example of Redwoods because it’s location specific - they’re only found in one area of the world (and no, I’m not referring to flame redwoods, which are from asia and I think are related to redwoods). Yes, a photo of a forest might be used to represent a forest in a different part of the world, the ethics of misrepresenting it not with standing (unless one states the photo isn’t in the area of question). On the other hand if someone is writing an article about redwoods, it would behoove someone to actually use a photo of
  13. When I first started here on SS, I recall reading that the algorithm is altered from time to time so that newer photographers/newer photos have a chance at being found when people search, to even the playing field out a bit (but not eliminate the ‘old timers’ completely - I think # of sales is likely part of the ranking as well). Of course how much it’s (or was) changed is only known to the folks who work for SS. It might not even be done any more. As for your second point - yes, things like trees are common. However if one lives in the US state of California, you’re more likely to be abl
  14. I’m not a top earner here by any stretch of the imagination. Some of the folks that have already answered have much bigger portfolios here than I do, nor do I claim to be “the next Ansel Adams” but here are things to keep in mind: 1) There are millions of photos on Shutterstock, and some subjects have hundreds of thousands of photos in the SS library (some likely even millions), so that a photo of a subject that’s well represented is likely to be lost in the shuffle of all the others of said subject. Outside of SS, people don’t know how the algorithm for searches workes (though I’m guessi
  15. Just remember, this is a marathon not a sprint. In the grand scheme of things 110 pictures out of the millions on SS is small. I’ve been on SS for a few years, my port is small (and yeah, some photos are more snapshots, but I’ve also had photos be on here for a year or two before selling). I might not be getting the quote quite right, but ~ 20% of one’s port will account for the majority of one’s sales (I think the original quote was 20% of the photos here account for most of the sales. So I might not be too far off on scaling that down, every thing else being equal in terms of image q
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