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  1. Just remember, this is a marathon not a sprint. In the grand scheme of things 110 pictures out of the millions on SS is small. I’ve been on SS for a few years, my port is small (and yeah, some photos are more snapshots, but I’ve also had photos be on here for a year or two before selling). I might not be getting the quote quite right, but ~ 20% of one’s port will account for the majority of one’s sales (I think the original quote was 20% of the photos here account for most of the sales. So I might not be too far off on scaling that down, every thing else being equal in terms of image q
  2. Thanks for the reply. I haven’t looked at my numbers in terms of what sold better - horizontal vs. vertical. I do have a few vertical images that have sold at least once. One’s an editorial so that might make the market even smaller. My main reason for “thinking outloud” about square formats was the ability to crop an image either horizontally or vertically and still have a large enough image to enlarge. Maybe not an issue for cropping an image for a website or magazine article - at least not as often as other uses where the image might be enlarged a lot (eg, use during a lecture where t
  3. Thanks for the response. Now if digital medium format cameras (at least those that I found the las time I looked) weren’t in the 4-5 figure range at minimum - without the lenses! - the last time I checked, It’d be easier to consider adding a 6x6 digital camera to what I use.
  4. A handful of times I’ve submitted a horizontal and a vertical image of the same subject, on the theory that both might be useful. Especially given that the buyer might want a vertical image of the subject, and cropping to make it vertical might not allow for enough enlarging of the photo. The case that comes to mind is that of a waterfall. SS accepted only one of the photos and rejected the other as “being too similar”. Now I understand the reasons for not wanting 50 slightly different images of the exact same image, especially in one portfolio. IMHO, there’s a difference between giving buyer
  5. I think I’ve been selling a bit more (though I’ve uploaded a few more photos, but less than I would have, had the payments not dropped). I think I’d have had more payouts now if the lowest level was $ 0.25 rather than $0.10. I haven’t done the numbers to see if my feeling about downloads is correct.
  6. Jut a couple of thoughts/questions. A long time ago I recall reading that an advantage of square format photos (in the context of medium format cameras, not making square images from a 35 mm negative. Like I said, I read this a long time ago) is that it allows one to crop an image horizontally or vertically. I think the article wasn’t necessarily talking about (micro)stock photography or advertizing, but could apply. Has anyone had expericence with selling on microstock, images from a (medium format) square format camera? do they sell better on average than you’re “35 mm” (as in rectangu
  7. I’ts Pittburgh, so none of the buildings is the Empire State Building. I don’t know if the USPS symbol is trademarked - I’m sure someone reading this thread knows and can/will chime in with whether it is or not. As for the Dusquene sign, and partial others seen, it could be that. I know there are a number of buildings that have either a trademark or copywrite on them (I forget which) where you can’t just have that in the photo, though SS says something to the effect of “But if the building is not the main focus of the photograph, images will be accepted on a case by case basis”. I’ve had phot
  8. I’d worry less about your equipment right now. To the extent that having a camera that doesn’t have scratched lenses, a broken (eg, misaligned) sensor, etc, is important. However if one’s camera doesn’t have any (significant) issues... It’s the lens (eye) and computer (you) BEHIND the camera that determines more the quality/saleability of photos, not the equipment. As I and others have said, look for things local to you that are unique or at least rarer in other parts of the world. I’ll leave it up to you decide what is “local” as a short drive for one person might be a long one for other.
  9. I’m a bit jealous. My port isn’t that large (about 678 photos) and I think it’ll be a while before I get to level 2 or 3. Hopefully as I think more about what’s unique about where I live and figure out what hasn’t been uploaded to death I can change that... Hopefully my newer photos look less like “snapshots”, as someone once described them (or at least that some of my photos looked as such). Also reminds me of the “discussions” about what’s important, quantity or quality. Just goes to show, it’s perhaps a bit of both. Like I’ve told “newbies” - a small port with well exposed, well compos
  10. So far I’m doing better download wise this April than I did last April. Though not enough to make up for the decrease in pay per download. Then again my port’s small, in nead of more local/unique stuff. So hopefully over time both will improve. Of course next year the number of April downloads could decrease.
  11. Here are some other ideas/suggestions, on top of what’s already been suggested. I’ll probably end up repeating a suggestion or two: 1) take a look at this thread (there may be other similar ones) where people post their most recent downloads so you can get a sense of what sells: 2) Take pictures of things that are unique to where you live - whether is plants and animals native to Brazil to man made objects. Just be aware that some places have restrictions on whether they can be photographed and then used for above and beyond personal use (eg, vacation pictures). the
  12. I think there was a thread once with the same question. My recollection was that when there's a dash, it means that SS discovered the (or at least a person if the photo has had multiple downloads) has used the photo for more than the initial license allowed (eg they downloaded it as a standard license but really needed the enhanced license). Getting more than 10 cents (or whatever pay level you're at) would go along with that I think.
  13. If it’s any consolation, I’ve had photos rejected here on SS for being out of focus that were accepted on other sites. I hadn’t much thought of resubmitting as some have suggested (other than one or two where I resubmitted with the phrase “narrow depth of field” when appropriate and got them accepted).
  14. This thread is bound to leave someone in a foul mood (pun intended). Anyhow here’s my contribution (uploaded before I found out about the “no ducks rule"
  15. Congrats! AS for the OP, I agree that it’s more likely the time of the year. If New Year’s Day had been a Monday, people would have been back to work by now (excepting those that work in, say, retail whose shops are open, work in healthcare, etc - those jobs that don’t stop just for a weekend). I’d assume that buyers pay the same rates they did before the change.
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