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  1. Adam Gladstone

    pink flower

    I know DOF is more than just an Fstop & though reading/rereading stuff is different than applying it (something I hope to do more of so with pictures I take for stock - or just for fun - come out better. The whole 'practice makes perfect'). My main question, though I didn't ask it like this, is "How could this be a better (stock) photo and not just a half decent (1/3 decent? ) snapshot". There are other photos from the same date I'd never show or put up because too much of the subject is out of focus, the composition is too off for whatever reason, etc.
  2. Adam Gladstone

    pink flower

    Thanks for the comment. I will keep that in mind as I get used the manual settings more on my camera (and rely less on the more automatic ones...).
  3. Adam Gladstone

    pink flower

    My main questions are: 1) What do people feel about the composition (not enough space for copy? Background too busy for placement of copy? Everything ok?). 2) Would a slightly greater depth of field work for the flower (not the ones in the background mind you...)? Is there anything else that could make this photo better (eg, closer cropping while taking the photo, slightly more depth of field, etc...) Not that I was/am necessarily looking to add this to my port, but am hoping that when/if I do add more flowers they're a step or two above what I have already. And yes I know certain subjects are considered over done here on SS (I only have 7 or so photos of ducks. More of flowers but they're not the majority of my port...).

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  4. Adam Gladstone

    no sales why?

    I sometimes wonder the same thing. I'm relatively new, have a smallish port and wouldn't think of asking "why no sales" until 1) I'd kept track of which of my images had sold (presuming that a few of a person's photos had sold) so I could see trends/subjects that sold/etc. and 2) I'd seen if the question had already been asked/answered in the forums (granted some answers might be specific to a person's port and therefor not generalizable). I wonder how many folks here feel the same and bide their time trying to learn from peoples' answers as well as other areas (eg, youtube videos, classes, advice from more experienced photographers, etc) before asking the "why do I have no sales question". I agree with Muratart that a better line of questions is along the lines of "What can I do better so I do sell photos?" I also think some folks come into this with expectations that are too high.
  5. I feel like I'm a similar position, and have been on SS a shorter time you have. I'm still learning what does and doesn't sell. Though I've not asked this in a forum, I keep asking myself how can I make better pictures that will sell better (my numbers are trending up slowly, but I'm not anywhere near making a living - not that I expect to). I too have noticed that not infrequently someone will post a message similar to the one that started this thread (I've uploaded a small # of photos in the past _x_ weeks, why haven't I sold anything?). It makes me think people haven't really read the forums as there are several threads like this one, and also that many have unrealistic expectations. I think it's possible to be honest and still give constructive criticism.
  6. Adam Gladstone

    Just to make you feel better

    don't forget adding "ark", "noah" biblical... y'know - the rainbow and all of that. Perhaps even "flood" ? I'll duck and roll behind a sofa to protect myself from those who refrain from seeing this as the attempt at humor it is. Great photo though!
  7. Adam Gladstone

    just a Quick Note from a Good friend.

    All the best Mike!!!
  8. Adam Gladstone

    Wise advices - Golden rules

    Well, I was going to say "don't forget the rule of thirds" but it's already been taken. How about "the story of a thousand words begins with a photo (picture)" and "Let's be careful out there."?
  9. Adam Gladstone

    Please comment my portfolio

    Try also to take more pictures that show off Thailand. Many of your photos could have been taken anyplace.
  10. Adam Gladstone

    The Impossible Sale

    I've had a few flower photos sell, though they haven't been my biggest sellers in terms of downloads or $. I will likely continue to put a few in my port here and there but focus on the things that seem to sell better for me (and also figure out what other things might work better)
  11. Adam Gladstone

    how can i sale?

    This is my 2 cents: don't forget that buyers want something that they can either use to sell something or illuminate some concept. In the former case it means having space that can accommodate text. Look for things near you that are unique.
  12. Adam Gladstone

    Stop the Pop

    I'm not a buyer, so I am not sure if my 2 cents on the matter counts. I think it depends on what the intended use of the image is. As Simone said, HDR can look a bit "other worldly". It might not be appropriate for travel/opinion/etc use. Might it be ok for some ads? Some presentations? sure.
  13. Adam Gladstone

    The one that got away...

    Lee Harvey Oswald was, if memory serves, in a book depository warehouse when he shot John F. Kennedy. The assassination was in Dallas.
  14. Adam Gladstone

    The generic milestone thread...

  15. Adam Gladstone

    The generic milestone thread...

    I got downloads 99 and 100 today! For the past month or two I've been uploading less (just a handful of photos including several editorial ones) while I look at what's been selling for me and I try to work on figuring out what sells for me/finding those unique things in my area that might help me improve sales/etc. Hopefully it won't take as long to get to the next 100 sales!