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    6bears.... IMHO, in photography at least , there is no such thing as right perspective or wrong perspective ... All perspectivrs are pk and welcome. Only thing is, of you want to sell, in any chosen perspective ( top angle or same level or low angle or closeup....) , if one shows the best it will find appreciation or even a buyer. In fact I love photography mainly because I am able to see the same thing or object in hundreds of perspectives...and that gives me new ideas, creativity,keeps my stress levels low, etc More of different perspectives of same object is to be rather appreciated.
  2. Azhagan


    John.... That's good POV for shot composition or framing and decide what to show in the picture that will prompt someone to pay for it.
  3. Azhagan


    @ mikenorton....great tips...I haven't tried the way you've suggested. Should do soon...
  4. mikenorton...that is a good tip btw, to shoot as many way & angles as possible before the light fades further. I sometimes hurryup my team saying the same point. Thank you
  5. Azhagan


    @mikenorton...Excellent inputs and tips... Appreciate your time and ffort. Angle of incidence is the angle of reflection...clasdic theory at apprporiate place... The "white paper between the sun & the object to produce a softlight" is a classic cost-effective tip or quick workaround for field photographers. Hanging sword a foot above the red cloth...is also a nice tip...doesn't strike to many beginners.. Continue your style, please
  6. @darla Nice controversial statement. "Flowers are not automatically beautiful. You have to find a way to show their beauty." I do what you say. Go around the object,look through viewfinder from top angle, low angle, landscape/portrait etc and then compose the shot. However, setting the correct exposure & shutter speed is big challange and it's possible only for still objects. Is there a way to set correct exposure and shutterspeed for moving objects like a train,aeroplane,helicopter etc when we take a still and video.
  7. Thanks mikenorton. I too have been doing the same mistake, by putting the cam on auto mode, there by letting the camera do the thnking for me. It's high time I practiced the manual focus and manual exposure.
  8. Azhagan


    Thanks a lot Derek. It's a very good explanation on noise. Possibly,it's same as the signa-to-noise ratio, if I'm not wrong. What I didn't know earliervand learnt from yiur explanation is that one can see the "noise" only when one zooms in on the picture i.e at 100% expansion. Then to avoid or reduce noise, in auto mode,can I zoom in on the farthest object first ( assuming a still photo) and see if any pixeliation, and if no, then zoom out and shoot the picture. Will it be a good practice and yield a noise-less or less-noise picture without modifying the ISO exposure and Shutterspeed settings. Thanks for your inputs. Ari
  9. Azhagan


    I don't understand the comments "noise" , "noisy" .. as I see it often from experts. Can any one explain what noise is all about, why it happens and how it can be de-noised? Appreciate your inputs.
  10. @Darla... Thanks for your excellent comments and tips. I can see your POV for a good photo.
  11. Azhagan

    Village Woman

    Village woman carrying a head load of broomstick after a day's work

    © Ari

  12. Azhagan

    Brick kiln

    A brick kiln near Chennai.

    © Ari

  13. Azhagan

    Jumping Lamb

    Little lamb jumping to join its herd.
  14. Azhagan


    Natural sceneries
  15. Road leading to Pondicherry,a coastal town & holiday spot from Chennai.

    © Ari

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