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  1. 2 hours ago, Kate Shutterstock said:


    As you've noted, commissions are now calculated according to the new royalty structure.


    Rest in pepperoni dear Shutterstock!

    I will monitoring the situation for a month, but something tells me that our cooperation will come to an end. Very sorry! That was a cool five years!

  2. Another useless update. I am not even surprised by this. Why make such focus on the author information? People come to Shutterstock to BUY content, not to make friends or get socialize. Highlight my works, not my avatar!

    Where the sort by "relevance" or "fresh". At first SS have replaced the "popular" with the politically correct "relevant", now they have removed this option. What for?

  3. Uploaded more than 30 vectors according to the new system. I have to say that was a very annoying experience. Even despite the fact that for the Illustrator there is a script that automatically changes the size of the artboard to 4 megapixels, I still have to manually copy/paste keywords, description and pick up this damn categories.

    Due to the dramatic drop in sales in May, I seriously think to send the Shutterstock to hell and focus on other agencies. I think that buyers also react negatively to all the latest Shutterstock innovations.

  4. 12 hours ago, Anna Shutterstock said:
    • On April 15th 2019, all EPS files will need to be at least 4 MP with a new maximum MB size. We are currently working to determine the optimal limit, but it will be greater than 50MB. Our goal is to ensure contributors can continue uploading vectors of various complexity.
    • On April 17th 2019, a JPG will automatically be created for your vectors when you upload.

    Perfect solution to the problem! You just changed the date. Someone in Shutterstock is too proud to admit his mistake and cancel the decision. Ok!

    What remains for me? Work as usual. But now also count megapixels and copy/paste keywords.

    But remember, if clients go to other agencies and my sales will go down, I will have to send you to hell, Shutterstock!

  5. 30 minutes ago, Anna Shutterstock said:

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks again for all your feedback, which we are closely reviewing! In light of the information that has been shared here, we are postponing the implementation of the 4MP requirement as we continue to look into ways to accommodate the needs of all artists and their artwork. We should have another update tomorrow.

    Thank you, Anna! I am sure it is largely your merit that we were heard. Except 15 pages of critics, of course.

  6. 14 minutes ago, Anna Shutterstock said:

    Hello everybody,

    Thank you for all the details and feedback you’ve provided.  I’ll offer some answers to your common questions below.

    1: Why make this change? 
    In our original post, we didn’t really clarify WHY we’re making these changes. My bad! 

    For years, vector contributors have been asking us to allow uploading of an EPS file on its own with no JPEG preview. After we looked at the survey of feature requests from vector contributors, the ability to upload EPS with no JPG was always near the top of the list. (The other top request was more general: “make uploading easier”.) The core reason we are making this change, is because contributors asked us to.

    The JPEG we generate from your EPS will be salable on Shutterstock and serve as the preview for your vector. Salable JPEGs must be at least 4mp, so we are requiring the artwork dimensions of your EPS to be at least this big.  We found in our tests, that if we upsized the artwork on your vector to create a 4mp JPEG, we risked pixelation and other quality problems. However, we are continuing to explore our options to create high-quality previews from artwork with smaller dimensions. Using the examples you’ve provided will help us know that we’re covering more bases.

    2: What about complex vectors? If the dimensions are 4mp, the file size will exceed the max limit Shutterstock allows.

    We tested with a LOT of vectors, but, you’re right. We didn’t necessarily test with files exactly like yours. We can point out that file size can be reduced by quite a bit by selecting lower transparency resolution and selecting “none” for preview when saving the eps as well.

    These new requirements are not set in stone nor permanent. We decided on these numbers as a starting point - with confidence that they will provide high-quality jpeg previews for most cases. At the same time, we are open and willing to make changes to accommodate the types of vectors you want to submit. 

    After we launch these changes next week, we all need to continue to work together to find the sweet spot.  I ask that you give it a try… see how it goes. Can your creations be sized to meet these requirements?  And reach out to us with more examples of what isn’t working. 

    3: Without the JPEG, my metadata won’t be imported.

    Yes, this is going to be uncomfortable for a few weeks. I know. It’s our team’s next priority, and we will waste no time in resolving this.

    Our plan is to allow embedded metadata in the EPS files to be imported with the image, just like we do for JPEG illustrations and photos (and yes! Videos will be coming also!).

    Another option would be to upload your metadata using a CSV. While this is typically used for videos, it will work for image uploads also. Please see this page for details on how to do this with video. Note - you will need to use correct image categories.

    4: What about Inkscape drawings. The requirements conflict with previous recommendations. 

    Thanks for bringing this up. Our previous best practices for Inkscape are out of date now and should be disregarded. Please follow the same exact directions as everyone else and make your artwork 4 MP.

    If you are so worried about the authors, who don't need to upload the JPG-preview, then just give them that opportunity. Why take away this option from those who are satisfied with it?

    Kick your lazy programmers (I know they are lazy)! Let them do two different ways of uploading: old and new.

  7. 6 hours ago, Kate Shutterstock said:

    Thanks again for the input everybody.  

    When we make these changes next week, keywords and descriptions in the EPS EXIF data will not be imported with your files. However our team is working on this as their next priority. We're working to start importing your metadata with your EPS files in the coming weeks. Thanks for your patience.

    @Lost Mountain Studio Vectors that are pending review will be reviewed and published without issue. On Monday, when the new 4 mp dimension requirement goes into effect, each EPS file will be checked when you upload it. If your artwork is too small, you'll get an error message on the upload screen (or on the Submit page, if you uploaded via FTP). 

    For me, it sounds like "Thank you for speaking out, but our team will continue to break things that worked well so far".

    Thanks to us, the authors, Shutterstok earns his millions. Before changing something, maybe it was right to ask the authors about it first?

    I think that customers with a poor Internet connection or limited network traffic will not be happy either. Because they will have to download much larger amounts of information due to the increased EPS-files.

  8. I don`t think that my work will become "Easier Than Ever" after these changes.

    1. Why do I need a limit of 4 megapixels in the size of a vector file? This is a VECTOR file - size in megapixels doesn`t matter to the user. But now I have to count megapixels. And I have a wery bad arithmetic.

    2. Why do you remove the need to upload a JPG-file? I have metadata attached to it. Without this file I will have to add metadata manually on the Shutterstock website. But I need to upload my works on other stock-sites.


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