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  1. 3-4 times each week?? Wow... that is AMAZING... would you share which images you are getting downloaded 3-4 times weekly?
  2. The best advice I can give? DON'T upload anything but the best images -- poor quality images discourage buyers... it is better to have 100 OUTSTANDING images... than 10,000 pictures that are just clutter Do you research... read the forums, google and youtube are absolutely free and at your fingertips With stock photography: it is about building your portfolio over a long, long time... not days, not weeks, not months... expect it to years and even decades to start seeing somewhat of a return
  3. When I choose to upload an image, I always ask myself, as EVERY stock photographer should: Is the image TECHNICALLY SOUND? Am I PROUD of this image being associated with my name? What kind of buyers would actually PAY to use this shot? I am learning everyday... and every week: I am going through my own portfolio and DELETING multiple images that just do not hold up to my own standards (which are getting higher and higher every day) -- something I wish more people would do... and something that I still have a long way to go on. Low standard images WILL DISCOURAGE BUYERS and then we will all make less sales. I would rather have 100 AMAZING images associated with my name... than 10,000 that make me a laughing stock(photographer)... Ok... so (on a positive note) here are my FAV 3 pics from your port... images like these have potential for 'commercial buyers': Do you think the 'blur' works with the image? This is my #1 favorite from your entire port. A good image... but key wording: blue, fashionable, green, girl?
  4. You have not included any images with this post.
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  6. Lou Cannon


    All three have potential... just remember to focus on 'commercial value'... do any of your potential buyers want shot images that are featuring multiple elements? off centered? with shadows?...
  7. Of the images that you supplied for us to view... this one (imo) has the best potential to be something... peaceful, beautiful... hopeful... sometimes an image will sell if it portrays a certain emotion vs content.
  8. I think this image is brilliant! Everyone can take a pretty picture. Everyone can get a shot of a bird... a flower or random objects... but a shot like this? It has potential -- it is unique and could easily be a once in a lifetime image!
  9. A beautiful peaceful shot that captures the feeling of the history.
  10. CONGRATS! I'm on my second record breaking month in a row ...
  11. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/abstract-effect-water-drop-bucket-ripples-1139331641?src=SmhJfwSA-PwDdv09MWjBhw-4-20 This has got to be one of the better water photographs I have seen in a long time! Well done!!
  12. I love this one... simple, calm and relays a message... https://www.shutterstock.com/image-illustration/tunnel-life-space-passing-into-light-391819714?src=F_EhbLV9R9X6zC_lO3Io_w-14-19
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