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  1. I think the most insulting part of all of this is they tried to bill this is a positive change, something we would be happy with. Shows you how dumb they think we are. Talk about trying to polish a turd
  2. Just skipped over the last 100 pages to post this, nice.
  3. I knew a few years back, uploading images to pond5 was worthless. Anyone know if that has changed? Is it worthwhile in 2020?
  4. Then they have the balls to post this today https://www.shutterstock.com/blog/cinema-verite-filmmaking
  5. Anyone else chuckle at the fact that you have to sell over 25,000 video clips in a single year to achieve the same payout rate as Pond5 offers every single contributor? And that's after Pond5 reduced their cut from 50% to 40%, and they are STILL miles above Shutterstock for a cut. Unreal.
  6. Also note how the footage earnings breakdown in the OP is wildly different than what we were told in the email. Hint: The actual email is way worse
  7. Ironic, I got these two sales today. About to kiss these days of fat video sales goodbye.
  8. Wow, as a video guy this completely guts my earnings. 2500 downloads to get to the 30% that it is now? Cruel, disgusting. I'll upload all future footage to pond5 and adobestock exclusively.
  9. Had a $1.50 yesterday. https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-1017276382-4k-aerial-drone-footage---hikers-atop I only had to: Fly to Japan, drive to Mt. Kita, hike up Mt. Kita (Japan's 2nd highest peak) with a drone, and get lucky with outstanding sunset condition on the summit with my brother. All my effort was greatly rewarded though, I can now buy a bag of chips. Thanks Wix! Thanks Shutterstock!
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