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  1. Hi Ralph, Many thanks for your lovely message and kind thoughts. Like all countries we are all going through the mill at the moment, but not as bad as some countries. Take care and stay safe Pam
  2. Hi Linda, everything is crazy at the moment, being just over 70 and getting over this operation I've been ordered to stop in. Driving me up the pole but will plod on with it. Fortunately my son still lives at home and my daughter just up the road, so they are doing the shopping. I like to think things will get easier very soon although it doesn't seem likely at the mo. Take care poppet and keep the Welsh spirit flying - we will get there 😀
  3. Thank you so much for your best wishes Rudra, stay safe and healthy yourself and your family x
  4. Thank you so much for your kindness Linda, it really means a lot. How are you all coping in Wrexham, so far all good here. Please take care chat soon.Pam xx
  5. Thank you so much Monika for your kind thoughts and best wishes. All being well I will get back to work next week and start uploading once again. Take care and stay safe Pam x
  6. Hi folks Just a shortish post just to say how much I have missed this site over these past few months due to a family bereavement. I lost my hubby to Cancer a few months ago and I was diagnosed with Cancer myself, but thankfully the operation I've had was complete success. In a week or two I'm going to try and get some more work done and uploaded. Although I've not submitted any work for months I just also want to thank Shutterstock for the sales I have had, without any submissions. I also want to wish everyone on here with very good health, especially with the Global Pandemic, stay safe folks. Best wishes to you all Pam xx
  7. Hi Mike thank you and yes I have had a few sales to keep things ticking over. I'm getting stronger each day, thank you once again x
  8. Many thanks Sheila for that idea and your lovely comments, take care x
  9. Thank you so much for your lovely thoughts, and will continue shooting very soon x
  10. So sorry to hear about your illness Victoria and hope you are on the mend very soon and like you I hate being stuck in the house. You take care too x
  11. Thank you so much for your thoughts Starsphinx. I did have a pen and tablet for the Mac at Christmas so I'll be trying that out and see if I can use it as good as a mouse. Thank you once again x
  12. Thank you Vladimir and thank you for the tips and advice x
  13. Hi Paul I am hobbling around now with a couple of sticks, and the family have been brilliant, couldn't wish for better care x
  14. Thank you FrontlitPhotography I'll have to remember to keep a couple of cans of WD40 in lol. Thanks once again x
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