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  1. I ask to join now in your Facebook group, I hope all contributor join too.
  2. You can made like us, disable video and images too. I made it now after look 10 cent for 1 images. If all of us together made this SS will close and dont destroy us and other good agency. Be strong and stop sell here .
  3. I use google translator, ok my english is not good, I think you smart and can understand:)))
  4. I dont know but will be' better understand more.. or we disable something that continue selling on others partners site.. better write this question before disable portfolio.. before I belive on Ss now only God know about what they can think. And another question, USA dont have lower about slavery and rules about protect workers like us? Is it possible one company change royalty without no check if is regular about work respect?
  5. In Italy we says bad works about it.. this is only proverb, so sorry me: people kiss ass with hope something change but usually change only cream ahahahhahah Better understand this: if we set not sell pictures and footage, are we sure that also in partners site are disable too?
  6. Yes last time I visit there was 100 pages now 98.. strange..
  7. All together unit to don't post any content until SS change this stupid idea! I will post all to Adobe, and others agency that take care about us. They live for our contents don't forgot it!!!!!!!!!!!!! If we stop to upload they start to go to finish business for them, but we must be unit to look the effects!!
  8. If all contributor will be unit to stop give contents for SS for sure must change mentality or close all! Good luck
  9. Maybe someone thinks well of generating a mass of slaves for post covid-19 time? Money for medicines must be kept! If this rules don't change, for me its became not interest upload something, so when will start this process I will start to stop production for SS. Customer can find me in other agencies. I hope all contributor together start to stop upload content until SS understand who give him content and who is the owner about them. If all contributor stop to upload, for sure SS must change its opinion about us. Best regads to all and remember stop to upload when
  10. Hi, Grest job! How you can insert more than 50 keywords in your images?
  11. https://www.shutterstock.com/it/image-photo/buffalo-mozzarella-served-pachino-tomatoes-1126819631?src=xoi8DfyvsSqTZdd7VZDfHw-4-97 Italian bufala mozzarella with italian color flag
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