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  1. Someone too lazy to take their own cell phone picture of a lego box to sell on Ebay just stole and used mine instead. Kind of irritating when they make a sale with it and I didn’t in this instance. Intellectual Theft is everywhere! They did remove the pictures after I called them on it. Some people are ignorant of “intellectual property” concepts and some just don’t care. But boy is it rampant!
  2. Thanks for the kind words! It will be fun working my way towards the $500 sales threshold. Best of luck to you!
  3. 100th download from my small port that isn't very conducive to stock photography!
  4. I hit the $35 threshold and will be getting a payout this month for the first time. Yeah me!
  5. I would request that this “lawyer” send you $49.95 so you can get his thousands put together and wired to him. Then I would go buy a $49.95 bottle of bourbon if he actually sent any money and have a good laugh.
  6. Ironically, I am at $2.75 total and need only $497.25 to reach the $500 threshold!
  7. Thanks for the replies. I think a lot of what was said was what I was expecting to be said. I guess I’m just paranoid of photos being “lost in the soup” even if you are producing quality images that aren’t flowers, puppies, and sunsets. Thanks again.
  8. Everything else being equal, which of the following would produce more sales: 5,000 count portfolio with no new photos added in the last year OR 500 count portfolio with all photos 1 month or less old Thanks in advance for the insight.
  9. If I had slid over a bit to the left to not cut off the left bottom SIDE of the trunk...is that what the critiques are referring to?
  10. I was having some difficulty with the harsh sunlight and shadows as well.
  11. I was having some difficulty with the harsh sunlight and shadows as well.
  12. I like the tree on the left. I agree that the sky is a bit over saturated. Polarizer filter was used and the sky was really blue to begin with. I still hate that sharpness was lost when I transferred this picture to the forum. Some more yellow in the trees would have been nice, just wasn't happening yet. I generally like the frame being filled, but have heard to leave space for stock photos. I'll try cropping the bottom a bit to improve composition. Thanks for the critiques.
  13. I see a loss of sharpness in the image showing here as compared to the original. I might have not transferred the image correctly.
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