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  1. On your contributor page (just below the map) change the default "lifetime earnings" to "monthly earnings" and you should have it.
  2. The answer is in your own reply. Their graphs show dramatic decreases months before the new schedule went into effect. Months before most of us even knew this was coming.
  3. Since January for microstock only; #1 - SS #2 - IS #3 - AS #4 - AL #5 - DT #6 - 123 #7 - DP #8 - P5 5, 6 and 7 are so close to each other every month that it is difficult to place them in any actual order. I still contribute to CS and BS but for all intents and purposes for me both of those are effectively dead and a waste of time now.
  4. Thanks Wilm. I have to say I'm both surprised and sorry to see your numbers. I would think your portfolio would be more or less immune to the combined effects of 2020.
  5. One of the lucky ones here too I guess. Holding steady plus a little for now as well. At first glance August looks like an outlier but in comparison to last year it's actually up a few points just like the rest.
  6. To me, whether or not one enjoys doing something is irrelevent when it comes to the question of per hour wage calculations. I certainly hope you enjoy doing what you do, otherwise why bother? But when it comes to being paid for it...I have to agree...anyone who doesn't give true thought to their own numbers is a fool indeed. Terry makes a good point about the nature of video sales changing, the same point I think that Mihai made in a similar discussion a long time ago, where video was becoming increasingly important as the higher value sales for stills are eroded. That was then though.
  7. Well, since I do both stills and video and don't have any skin in the game when it comes to selling training videos etc. - all I can say is that photos pay just as well. Something Doug just can't seem to accept is the fact that volume sales potential for still photos outstrips video by an exponential margin. And oh yes, while everyone is doing their senseless per hour calculations don't forget to include your time spent in acquiring your assets in the first place. Something anyone interested in the real numbers would surely not omit. Wouldn't you agree?
  8. Umm, no. No photographers means no content. No content means no site. No site means nowhere for advertisers to market their services. To me it actually makes a lot of sense for microstock sites to advertise on these free sites. If you dig deeper on any of these sites it quickly becomes apparent that content (for now) is still quite limited in many areas. The user base though is highly motivated and are probably far more likely to make a purchase from a microstock site if they dont find what they are looking for there. I am willing to bet that the CTR on any of these sites is phenomenal for MS advertisers. Believe what you want about your own complicity, but I happen to believe that the proliferation of these free sites has played a large part in SS's decision to transition into an entirely subscription based model. There's no arguing that the perceived value of all of our work is collectively diminished by their existence - and we can all see where that is leading.
  9. Thank you Balajisrinivasan. That helps me understand your perspective and why you might choose to upload to theses sites. Ultimately they are no real threat to your primary income.
  10. I tend to agree with you - and feel like this month might not be an anomaly but the beginning of the inevitable. It will be brutal but not unexpected.
  11. Some new level 5 values: SUB - .83, .71 OD - 4.47, 2.87
  12. Thanks Debbie, I read that but I was hoping someone could clarify where the new goal posts are if you know what I mean. Must be very close now if Wilm is banned.
  13. What did I miss this time? Geogif and Wilm? Ruh roh.
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