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  1. Transitioning to a completely subscription based model is the end game isn't it?
  2. I'm at level 3 now and expect to be level 4 by the end of the month. So far this week as well as the end of last week things have been looking up slightly in terms of higher value sales...but still very far off where they were in 2020. We shall see.
  3. For the same period here: DL's 2020 = 118, DL's 2021 = 114 Revenue down by 81%. Ouch.
  4. I knew I would get this question but honestly too lazy to look for it now. It was buried in a SS blog post, posted around the same time AS fessed up to the fact that they were manipulating the searches to actively replace content that was becoming too popular. In any event to me it has always made perfect business sense to do it this way, either in whole or in part.
  5. I recall getting quite a bit of flack for this a while back, but I'll say it again because SS has more or less verified it now...portfolios are given a performance ranking based on a number of factors including port size, sales ratio, history, etc. This performance ranking indeed helps with search ranking, or at least it used to. Now though I think SS uses a mix of the same algorithmic approach as AS; purposely rotating out top performing images long before their organic expiration date in order to keep the search results looking dynamic to buyers.
  6. Alexandre FWIW I don't think that was directed at you. I think your blog and advice is open and honest, and certainly doesn't present a disingenuous or misleading picture of the industry like others blvdone is referring to.
  7. I think this one is going to be very difficult for a lot of contributors to answer honestly. Particularly those in the mid to higher levels. Without the ability to accurately parse the effects of Covid, global recession, algorithm bias, buyer behavior, content attrition, and so on - I find it nearly impossible to fully understand why I might be better off one month while in the hole another as compared to the old system. Understanding what part of that is related directly to the new levels system might seem like a fairly straightforward calculation at first...however simply totaling the amount
  8. Funny, the one and only time I asked you for information I was quickly referred to your off forum pay-to-learn video series. Not exactly practicing what you preach there Doug...but whatever...it's just that to me you are beginning to sound a little more like a partnered apologist for the current state of affairs than a helpful voice of reason. Yet to my knowledge no one has suggested that you "go away".
  9. For the same periods mine looks like this... Downloads: Compared to November 2019: +103 Compared to November 2018: +113 Compared to November 2017: +327 Compared to November 2016: +128 Compared to November 2015: +44 Income $: Compared to November 2019: -147.46 Compared to November 2018: -23.91 Compared to November 2017: +212.29 Compared to November 2016: +88.82 Compared to November 2015: +83.98 I've mentioned it before though, across all agencies my totals uncannily end up roughly the same from month to month. If I am down on SS I
  10. November 2020 finished with 103 more downloads than November 2019, but with $147.46 less revenue. Not bad considering, but not great either.
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