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  1. they want to destroy other agencies, greed, power
  2. africa studio is large but has frozen portfolio !!!
  3. everyone who thinks that they will be fine according to the new plan is deceived, the agency will be flooded with mobile phone photographers, just like on the eyeem, old-fashioned photographers will not earn anything
  4. imagine an idea, find a model, pay for fuel, set up lighting, sweat, take photos, transfer photos, process, load, insert keywords, wait for shutterstock to approve, wait for it to sell and then whipped cream 0.10 usd, fuck off shutterstock
  5. $ 0.10 is not enough for the time it takes to enter keywords
  6. with a new plan you have killed the soul of every good honest photographer
  7. remember colleagues we have something to trade with !!!
  8. I live on 500 euros a month, I need money, but think in the long run, if they continue like this, photography will cost 0.001 usd in the future
  9. many sign a petition, protest but don’t want to freeze the portfolio, and still upload photos so how do you plan to change the situation?
  10. I don't make money, but neither does Shutterstock
  11. I admire all the contributors who froze the portfolio, in my opinion to continue working for the SS under such conditions is crazy, I have heard many excuses these days, I am just asking you: do you love yourself?
  12. upravu si,ko ih jebe,mogu vladati svijetom sa mnom neće
  13. fuck it in my life shutterstock is becoming a thing of the past
  14. is that a shutterstock plan? to get rid of us with smaller portfolios? !!
  15. Jose, how come you do not get bored living in the ass to people who profit from other people's troubles and do ?!
  16. one thing is for sure, this shutterstock administration will be the subject of bad opinions of millions of those who come after us for many years, karma is a bitch !!!
  17. DIRECTIVE (EU) 2019/790 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 17 April 2019 on copyright and related rights in the Digital Single Market and amending Directives 96/9/EC and 2001/29/EC (47) It is important that mechanisms of collective licensing with an extended effect are only applied in well-defined areas of use, in which obtaining authorisation from rightholders on an individual basis is typically onerous and impractical to a degree that makes the required licensing transaction, namely one involving a licence that covers all rightholders concerned, unlikely to occur due to the nature of the use or of the types of works or other subject matter concerned. Such mechanisms should be based on objective, transparent and non-discriminatory criteria as regards the treatment of rightholders, including rightholders who are not members of the collective management organisation. In particular, the mere fact that the rightholders affected are not nationals or residents of, or established in, the Member State of the user who is seeking a licence, should not be in itself a reason to consider the clearance of rights to be so onerous and impractical as to justify the use of such mechanisms. It is equally important that the licensed use neither affect adversely the economic value of the relevant rights nor deprive rightholders of significant commercial benefits. (48) Member States should ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place to protect the legitimate interests of rightholders that have not mandated the organisation offering the licence and that those safeguards apply in a non-discriminatory manner. Specifically, in order to justify the extended effect of the mechanisms, such an organisation should be, on the basis of authorisations from rightholders, sufficiently representative of the types of works or other subject matter and of the rights which are the subject of the licence. Member States should determine the requirements to be satisfied for those organisations to be considered sufficiently representative, taking into account the category of rights managed by the organisation, the ability of the organisation to manage the rights effectively, the creative sector in which it operates, and whether the organisation covers a significant number of rightholders in the relevant type of works or other subject matter who have given a mandate allowing the licensing of the relevant type of use, in accordance with Directive 2014/26/EU. To provide legal certainty and ensure that there is confidence in the mechanisms, Member States should be allowed to decide who is to have legal responsibility as regards uses authorised by the licence agreement. Equal treatment should be guaranteed to all rightholders whose works are exploited under the licence, including in particular as regards access to information on the licensing and the distribution of remuneration. Publicity measures should be effective throughout the duration of the licence and should not involve imposing a disproportionate administrative burden on users, collective management organisations or rightholders, and without the need to inform each rightholder individually. In order to ensure that rightholders can easily regain control of their works, and prevent any uses of their works that would be prejudicial to their interests, it is essential that rightholders be given an effective opportunity to exclude the application of such mechanisms to their works or other subject matter for all uses and works or other subject matter, or for specific uses and works or other subject matter, including before the conclusion of a licence and during the term of the licence. In such cases, any ongoing use should be terminated within a reasonable period. Such exclusion by rightholders should not affect their claims for remuneration for the actual use of the work or other subject matter under the licence. Member States should also be able to decide that additional measures are appropriate to protect rightholders. Such additional measures could include, for example, encouraging the exchange of information among collective management organisations and other interested parties across the Union to raise awareness about such mechanisms and the option available to rightholders to exclude their works or other subject matter from those mechanisms.
  18. we don’t know yet and we can’t predict everything, hopefully better
  19. when google is updated the photos will disappear
  20. you all have a brain, decide for yourself
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