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  1. they want to destroy other agencies, greed, power
  2. africa studio is large but has frozen portfolio !!!
  3. everyone who thinks that they will be fine according to the new plan is deceived, the agency will be flooded with mobile phone photographers, just like on the eyeem, old-fashioned photographers will not earn anything
  4. imagine an idea, find a model, pay for fuel, set up lighting, sweat, take photos, transfer photos, process, load, insert keywords, wait for shutterstock to approve, wait for it to sell and then whipped cream 0.10 usd, fuck off shutterstock
  5. $ 0.10 is not enough for the time it takes to enter keywords
  6. with a new plan you have killed the soul of every good honest photographer
  7. remember colleagues we have something to trade with !!!
  8. I live on 500 euros a month, I need money, but think in the long run, if they continue like this, photography will cost 0.001 usd in the future
  9. many sign a petition, protest but don’t want to freeze the portfolio, and still upload photos so how do you plan to change the situation?
  10. I don't make money, but neither does Shutterstock
  11. I admire all the contributors who froze the portfolio, in my opinion to continue working for the SS under such conditions is crazy, I have heard many excuses these days, I am just asking you: do you love yourself?
  12. upravu si,ko ih jebe,mogu vladati svijetom sa mnom neće
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