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  1. This image was approved today! Im quite happy about it. Thanks for all the feedback
  2. thank you all for the fantastic feedback. I have a much better sense now of how to properly compose this shot. I will repost again later on.
  3. I am thinking of experimenting with this type of shot some more darla thank you. I had just missed a really nice sunset when I had set up for this shot, ill try to capture it next time, and see if I can tease out some more light streaks
  4. Ah okay so a bit more work on the composition then. I realized once I posted this that the focus was blurry. I will try taking this angle from a better angle to make the purple flower actually stand out!
  5. this was taken with a nikon d3200 using a 50mm prime lens
  6. A purple flower stands out amongst a bunch of red flowers
  7. Long exposure shot from the overpass.
  8. same shot as before minus the post processing
  9. Same shot as posted before but without the post edit features.
  10. Here is an image without all the fancy post processing. I just adjust the colour saturation a bit, as I think my phones auto white balance did not do as good a job as I would have hoped. I do have a dslr and will post some of the pics from there as well.
  11. beautiful colours in the sky as the clouds begin to set
  12. A shot of the creek at sunset
  13. Same shot but this time in colour and minor adjustments to the colour saturation
  14. My attempt at a black and white shoot, please let me know what you guys think regarding the contrast and if you thing there is too much grain and noise!
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